JK Rowling Confirms That Fantastic Beasts Will Be A Film Trilogy

Credit: Warner Brothers
Credit: Warner Brothers

This wondrous year of 2016 promises to be a pretty awesome one in terms of movies for fans.

Deadpool has proved us right in this belief so far. While we have a ton of awesome superhero fare to look forward to, it’s time for us to get a little nostalgic.

This is the year we get to go back to the Wizarding World with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them along with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The fact that we get to explore new aspects of the world and return to Hogwarts makes this Potterhead’s heart sing.

With Fantastic Beasts releasing a teaser trailer awhile ago, fans have been excitedly waiting for any kind of news on the film.

This news, however, seems to be a little bit redundant. Or maybe people were just confused.

Either way, it seems like folks were under the impression that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was going to be a film (even though all the literature specified it was just a play). Anyway, JK Rowling took to Twitter to confirm that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was going to be the rare breed of two part play.

It’s actually going to be Fantastic Beasts And Where To The Find Them that will be a trilogy.

So hopefully, the words from JK Rowling herself will dispel any concerns that people have been having.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is still filming as far as we know. While Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has gone into rehearsals.

Fantastic Beasts will be released in November 2016, and Cursed Child will debut on the West End in July 2016.

Bec Heim