It’s “All Eyez On Me” On Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously onĀ Grey’s Anatomy, there was an awesome throwback to the first episode of the series, Richard found out about DeLuca and Maggie, Jackson and April officially divorced, and April found out she’s pregnant.

This episode took place in two different hospitals, a military hospital and Grey-Sloan Memorial, and featured three big medical stories.

Military Hospital with “The Dream Team”

The episode starts with Meredith, Callie, Jo, Bailey, and Jackson practicing an experimental procedure on a cadaver (for the first time). They plan on using the procedure on a patient who has an osteosarcoma in his pelvis, instead of chemo. The doctors will remove half of his pelvis (with the osteosarcoma) and one of his legs and then shift his remaining leg so it’s centered.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

After they’ve successfully performed the procedure on the cadaver and are on their way home, they get a call that the patient (Sgt Carson) fell and broke his hip. They need to go to the Military hospital right away. When the doctors are gearing up to go, Penny tries to get Meredith and Callie to let her come too. Meredith tells her she can’t because Jo was the only one who practiced and Callie mentions Penny’s request for no special treatment. On the way to the hospital, Bailey and Callie try talking up another GSM doctor who showed an interested in Meredith, but Meredith brushes it off.

When they get to the military hospital, despite having a plan to avoid conflict, they get on a doctor’s bad side. Sgt Carson’s doctor, Major Thorpe doesn’t believe in doing an experimental surgery that could kill Sgt Carson when chemo is still an option. They discuss the risks, again, and Sgt Carson sticks with the GSM docs because he wants an opportunity at a longer life with his daughters.

During the surgery, Callie is confident until she is checking the pelvis before removal. She asks Bailey to check the pelvis and then later ends up stepping out of the OR with Meredith. Callie starts to have a mini freak out because she doesn’t believe she can actually do the surgery. When Meredith brings Jackson and Bailey out Callie tells them its not a confidence issue, but actually because she took too much out. Callie sends them back into the OR to buy her some time while she figures out a solution.
In the OR, Major Thorpe asks if Callie is coming back and starts to give Meredith and the other doctors a ration of crap for swooping in to perform a risky surgery when they just plan on leaving the next day. Bailey reassures him that they will follow up with the patient while Meredith runs out to check on Callie. Meredith has Callie talk her through the surgery and Callie talks herself to a solution. She goes back into the OR, interrupting another Thorpe rant, and successfully completes the surgery, impressing Thorpe.
When the GSM team is leaving, Thorpe flirts with Meredith a little and she doesn’t realize it until Jackson points it out. Meredith ends up giving Thorpe her number, taking a solid step in a good direction after Derek’s death.

Grey Sloan Memorial – Cheerleaders

Over at Grey Sloan, the ER fills up with a cheerleading squad that had an accident during a competition. The cheerleaders are what you would expect: very loud, obnoxious, and rude. They’re arguing amongst themselves while DeLuca and Alex examine Maxine, Squad Leader, or Captain, I’m not really sure which one she was. Maxine’s blood pressure is not what it should be. She passes out so they call for Neuro.

Maxine has a mild concussion and needs to control her stress. Unfortunately, she is wheeled back into the ER in time to hear the Captain kicking a girl off the team. Maxine gets stressed and crashes while they’re fighting.

Maggie discovers that Maxine has a heart condition that requires surgery to correct. Maxine is more worried about the team finding out and getting kicked off the team. Stephanie tries talking to the cheerleaders and has to correct them when they start saying that Maxine is dying and had a heart attack. She walks away because they start yelling again.

DeLuca, Penny, and Stephanie are watching Richard and Ben in surgery and talking about how Ben gets special treatment because he’s the Chief’s husband. Penny realizes they’re just like the cheerleaders in the ER, which gives Stephanie an idea for how to talk to them. Stephanie goes down to the ER and rallies them to (quietly) support Maxine. They listen to her after she lists off her cheer credentials.

Grey Sloan Memorial – Ben Goes Rogue

Ben and Resident Spencer get sent up to Psych where they come across a patient who is experiencing severe abdominal pain. Before they can call an Attending or get the patient down to another floor, the patient crashes. Ben decides his only option is to open the patient up. Since they’re in Psych, they can’t find anything sharp, so he sends Spencer for a scalpel instead of an Attending.

Spencer runs into Richard while he is trying to find a crash cart and instrument tray and brings him upstairs.

The Psych Attending in the room tries to prevent Ben from opening up the patient but is unsuccessful. Ben pulls the clip off of the Attending’s clipboard and opens him up just as Richard and Spencer come into the room. Ben enlists Spencer’s help and requests an OR.

Richard reams Ben out for not calling an Attending, but Ben stands by his decision because he saved a patient.

While they’re in surgery, Richard mentions Ben getting a suspension for what he did. Ben defends himself once again. Ben points out that he has a lot more experience than his fellow Residents and knows what he’s doing. Richard counters with “You did not show skill, you showed bravado.”

After the surgery, Richard demands hourly updates and pages if there are any changes, Ben tries arguing but Richard stands firm. Bailey shows up and starts in on Ben, not allowing him a chance to explain. She tells him that he embarrassed her because he knows better. Bailey suspends Ben for three days and he gets upset. He backs down when she points out that she can’t give him any special treatment.

Bailey ends their conversation by asking him for all the details of what he did.