“I Am Not Waiting Anymore” On Last Week’s Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, Arizona told Jackson that April was pregnant minutes before April was going to tell him and Major Thorpe took a trip to Grey Sloan Memorial to ask Meredith out on a date. Nothing says “Hey you should totally date me” like driving to someone’s workplace because they’ve been ignoring your calls.

This week, I’m not focusing too much on the medical because the personal relationships were a little more important.

Meredith and Thorpe
Meredith says yes to Thorpe but is then immediately pulled into a triple organ transplant by Maggie and Alex. When a very excited Maggie tells Alex that Meredith said yes to Thorpe, Alex tells her that Meredith isn’t actually going to go out with Thorpe and is going to end up bailing. Meredith talks things out a little bit with Callie, who tells her it’ll be weird but a good weird. That scene resulted in a really funny moment between Callie and Bailey because Callie and Meredith are having the conversation in the bathroom and Meredith leaves while Callie is still talking (rude) and Callie doesn’t realize it. Bailey ends up walking in while Callie is talking about sex, adding to the list of awkward moments Callie has had with Bailey.

During the triple organ transplant, Maggie tries talking to Meredith about Thorpe and Alex jumps in but Meredith shuts them up. Meredith has some time before she’s needed again, so she goes to get ready for her date. When Meredith leaves, Maggie and Alex start arguing about how to talk to Meredith about Thorpe, they both think their approach is the best. Amelia swoops in with an outfit save for Meredith’s drinks with Thorpe. Meredith gets all dressed up, but ends up throwing her scrubs back on and returns to the OR. When Maggie starts in on the “You have time!!” stuff, Meredith sends Jo to get her phone and cancel with Thorpe.

In the OR, Maggie finishes her part and leaves, allowing Alex and Meredith to talk about Thorpe and is able to tell her exactly what she needs to hear.

Meredith finds Thorpe in a waiting room and tells him she has to reschedule drinks because she’s extremely tired, like too tired to be driving home. Thorpe offers to drive her home and they end up talking in the car in front of her house.

April, Jackson, and Arizona
Unfortunately, April walks in two seconds after Arizona tells Jackson that April is pregnant. Jackson gets really upset when he finds out that April is 12 weeks pregnant and that she knew when they signed the divorce papers. Arizona finds April afterwards and tries to apologize but April tells her off and tells her she doesn’t wanna talk to her. When April is talking to Riggs, he points out that Jackson does have a right to know (which he does) and April doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Arizona tries talking to Callie about April and Jackson, trying to get validation that she did the right thing. Callie doesn’t agree that she did the right thing, even with Arizona switches tactics and tries to compare it to their relationship, Callie ends up telling her that she screwed up. Which she did.

When April gets out of surgery, Jackson is there and tries to pick up their previous conversation. They end up getting into a very loud argument in front of a bunch of people. April tells Jackson she didn’t want him to feel obligated to stay with her because of the pregnancy and Jackson kind of acts like a dick? But I can’t really pick sides here because I think they’re both right with some stuff.

Arizona’s next stop for validation is Bailey, who treats her like a doctor who broke doctor-patient confidentiality. Bailey does tell her that she sees her thinking, but that it still wasn’t right.

Jackson gets some words of wisdom from Richard, who knows all too well about finding out you have a child really late. He tells Jackson to step up, which is probably what Jackson needed to hear but April still doesn’t seem to want Jackson involved at this point.

Arizona’s final stop is the Attending’s lounge, where she talks to Amelia about wanting to make it right. Amelia tells her that she needs to give it time and acknowledge that she did something wrong and April may or may not forgive her but she has no control over that.

Jackson goes to April’s apartment at the end of the day to apologize for how he reacted. Jackson tells her they can work it out and she agrees with him but also explains why she was afraid to tell him about the pregnancy. She wanted to know everything was okay before telling him because of how their last pregnancy tore them apart. Jackson takes that to mean that she wanted to wait until it was too late to terminate the pregnancy and he gets upset. April tells him that its not his choice and he doesn’t have any rights because it’s her body and her baby, and she shuts the door on him.

Maggie and DeLuca
Now that Maggie and DeLuca are “out,” Maggie and DeLuca have kind of switched attitudes about their relationship. Maggie is going as far as setting up dinners with DeLuca and Richard but it ends up being awkward for Richard and DeLuca. DeLuca also gets super uncomfortable when his fellow interns talk about him getting special treatment and when Maggie actually tries to treat him differently. It’s honestly a nice change from Derek and Meredith.