Hamilton Gets A Parody With Batlexander Manilton

Credit: EW.com
Credit: EW.com

Hamilton is my newest obsession. I’ve listened to the cast album on repeat, ever since I first heard Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast perform at the Grammys and have watched the recent digital #Ham4Ham shows from the White House a lot since there release. The musical has gotten bigger and bigger since its release back in August, and there have even been some parodies for it over the past few months, including Dear Mr. Spock which is one of my personal favourites.

And now a group called Turtle Cameron, have created a new parody of the musical, which features a certain caped crusader! Yes, folks, there is now a Hamilton parody with Batman, and what a parody it is. The song is called, “Batlexander Manilton” and was released just in time for the worldwide release of Batman V Superman this week.

The video begins with the Joker delivering the opening lines, “How does a bat-scared orphan/one with a fortune and options/ who watched as a barrel of a revolver shot right in the abdomen/his mother and his near an opera/grow up to battle village rogues and robbers?” After the Joker has made his entrance, we then get to see other characters from the Batman universe, including Alfred the Butler, Harvey Dent, Rachel Dawes along with the Dark Knight himself.

My favourite part of the video is when Superman/Clark Kent makes an appearance at the end saying, “And me, I’m the damn fool that fought him,” which I like to think that this is a great way to promote the Batman V Superman film too as well as an awesome way to let more experience the musical genius that is Hamilton. The parody doesn’t stray too far away from the original sound, and yes for whatever reason it works!

And now the question is, just what other ideas for parodies are out there for Hamilton? And if you haven’t seen “Batlexander Manilton”, then you can watch it here:

Kayleigh Falvey