Grey’s Anatomy Gives Us The “Odd Man Out” In This Week’s Episode

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Previously on Grey’s, April found out that she’s pregnant but only Alex and Arizona know, Ben went rogue on a psych patient, and Meredith gave her number to another doctor.

Remember that episode several seasons ago, I believe it was season 5, where the Residents had to start switching up who they worked with because “Residents don’t have specialties and they were all spending too much time with one Attending? That was pretty much what this week’s episode was, except it wasn’t as good. Richard decides to have the Residents choose an Attending’s name out of a bedpan.

General Surgery with Meredith and Jo
Jo ends up pulling Meredith’s name and joins her, Callie, and Maggie just as Callie is talking about Major Thorpe, the doctor Meredith gave her number to. Meredith has apparently been dodging Thorpe’s calls but doesn’t want to talk about it with them. Callie, Meredith, and Maggie are getting ready scrub into a surgery but when Jo joins them, Meredith is really rude and sends her off to talk to Penny to get caught up.

In the OR, Callie and Maggie talk about Thorpe and Meredith finally talks to them a little bit about it, telling them that if she answers his call, he’ll ask her out and she’d have to say no. So Meredith is not ready to go out with someone yet, just comfortable enough to give them her number. Jo comes into the OR after seeing Meredith’s clinic patients and asks to scrub in and Meredith sends her off to check on another patient. Meredith ends up calling Jo by Penny’s name.

Jo, Penny, and Stephanie have a bitch session in the bathroom, where Stephanie bitches about the puppies in Peds (Penny was appropriately excited about the puppies) and Jo bitches about Meredith. Stephanie cuts Jo off and tells her that she’s always bitching about Meredith but not doing anything so Jo’s not allowed to talk to anyone about it until she does something. This prompts Jo to yell at Meredith and stand up for herself next time she sees her.

Meredith discusses Jo’s outburst with Callie and Maggie and they point out to her that she has actually been treating Jo like crap. Meredith finds Jo to apologize and explains that she does actually like Jo and that she’s rooting for Jo and Alex to make it, she’s just overprotective because Alex has been through a lot. Meredith also reminds her that she can’t let people treat her like crap. Meredith’s attitude this whole episode was off and I really don’t understand her thing with Jo. Unless they’re really planning on hooking her and Alex up, which would piss me off. Alex and Meredith are such great friends and it’d be a shame if they fell victim to the idea that men and women can’t be friends.

At the end of the episode, Meredith sits on a bench outside and decides to call Thorpe, when she sees him in a bench across the sidewalk. He ends up asking her out and we don’t find out what she says.

Peds/Fetal Surgery with Alex, Stephanie, Arizona and Ben
Stephanie pulls Alex’s name and gets to work in Peds and play with puppies! A rescue group brings puppies to the sick kids once a month, and Stephanie is obnoxiously unenthusiastic about it.
Arizona and Ben’s patient is Courtney, an accountant whose 23 weeks pregnant with quadruplets. When they enter the room for rounds, Bailey and Courtney are discussing Bailey’s taxes. Ben gets all upset because he normally does their taxes but Bailey is more focused on the fact that Courtney suggested they change their filing status because Bailey had a significant increase in income and Ben didn’t.

Ben is examining Courtney and has DeLuca get Arizona because during the ultrasound, he can only find three of the babies. When Arizona does the ultrasound, she discovers that Courtney is in labor, several months too early. Arizona rushes her to the OR with a plan to stop the labor to give the babies extra time. It doesn’t work so Arizona comes up with a crazy idea to deliver the first baby but stop the labor for the rest. Ben talks taxes with Courtney to distract her while Arizona successfully performs the procedure with Alex standing by to help with the baby.

Neurology with Amelia and Penny
Penny pulls Amelia’s name, raise your hand if you saw this coming because they haven’t worked out their issues yet. Their patient is Griffin, a 75 year old man who got into an accident and hit an electrical pole, he was electrocuted and has bleeding in his brain in addition to needing a pacemaker. When Penny finds Amelia to tell her that she’s on her service and that Griffin’s wife is in Admitting. Amelia doesn’t want Penny on her service and tells Penny to tell Richard to change it. Riggs and Amelia go to talk to the wife and discover that she’s actually not his wife, but his girlfriend; his wife actually walks in after they finish giving his girlfriend the update. Griffin’s wife tells Riggs and Amelia that she doesn’t want to see Griffin until he is dead.

Amelia gets upset at Penny for letting her give personal information to a non-family member. Penny apologizes and tells Amelia that Richard told Penny that she can’t switch or take the day off. Griffin wakes up and can’t remember anything from the last 30 years or so, which means that as far as he’s concerned, he and his wife are happily married, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. His girlfriend is upset that he doesn’t remember her, and the wife is having a lot of conflicting feelings. While Griffin’s wife is telling him about his girlfriend, he can’t believe it and ends up crashing. Penny has to drill into his head to try to save him, and Amelia gets upset because Riggs let it happen. When they get Griffin to the OR, they can’t save him and Penny wonders if it was something she did and Amelia reassures her that it wasn’t anything she did, she was perfect. Amelia has to admit to herself that Penny is good at Neuro and that she’s going to have to teach her whether she likes it or not.

April and Arizona
Arizona spends most of the episode trying to find a way to convince April to tell Jackson and to get the baby tested. April is convinced her baby will be fine so she doesn’t want to get any tests done. Arizona goes to Alex for some help with April but Alex doesn’t want to get involved. April doesn’t want to tell Jackson because he never got over what happened with their last baby. At the end of the episode, April walks in on Jackson and Arizona talking, Arizona having just told Jackson about April being pregnant.