Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Official Trailer Will Leave You Breathless

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

When it comes to who’s head should wear the crown for the Westeros kingdom, the game has never been more serious.

HBO just released the full of the upcoming sixth season of the hit drama Game of Thrones and if you thought last season was crazy, this upcoming season looks like it will top it.

The trailer features all of Westeros’ heavy players with their fates up in the feature. No one looks happy one bit as the fallout from last season’s events is quite devastating. 

 The trailer is chalk full of images of Jon Snow (Kit Harington), very much dead after his brutal death in the season 5 finale. Given the abundance of scenes in the trailer featuring his corpse, it seems safe to say that our favorite Commander of the Night’s Watch is indeed gone for good. 

Also heavily in the trailer are the Lannisters, most particularly Cersei as she faces down against the High Sparrow and his crew, the Faith Militant, with her new bodyguard. “I choose violence,” proclaims the fallen queen.

Tyrion also makes his presence known in the trailer. “You’re in the great game now,” Tyrion warns. “And the great game is terrifying.”

This season also marks the return of Bran Stark, whom in the trailer is walking and having a meeting with the Night’s King.

Back at Castle Black, Melisandre shares that she made a huge mistake last season. “The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie.” 

Rounding out the trailer are scenes with Arya getting slapped, Sansa looking serious, Daenerys looking defeated, and Ser Davos getting ready to take some action.

Check out the haunting trailer below!

The wait for this show is almost over.

Game of Thrones returns on April 24, 2016.

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