A Martian Becomes A “Manhunter” In This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans!

I’m super excited for this week’s episode. After the excellent “Falling”, we’ll get to see the aftermath of Kara’s Red Kryptonite fueled actions. In addition, there’s going to to be fallout from the reveal that Hank Henshaw is really J’onn J’onzz. Plus we get to know, essentially, his origin story and see Dean Cain again!

Supergirl is going to body slam me with feels this week.

So let’s get started!

Aftermath: Kara is still feeling the sting from her Red Kryptonite rampage. She’s watching the news and eating donuts. She’s so depressed that she’s taking a sick day from work. Cat, meanwhile, is frustrated at the slow to trust National City. Kara has pretty much given up on being anyone’s hero again. After the events of the episode, Lucy encourages Kara to go back to work and Kara goes to stop a bank robbery.

Banshee: Siobhan is feeling angry. She blames Kara for her fall from grace. Siobhan decides to break into the office and sends Cat an email posing as Kara from Kara’s computer. Cat calls Siobhan in the office, who thinks she’s getting her job back. Turns out, she’s not. Cat knows her assistant and that Kara would not write the kind of email she received. So Cat put Winn on the case and through the magic of technology, he was able to find out that Siobhan was the one who sent the email. (Why not just check the security tapes?) Cat pretty much bans Siobhan from the building and threatens to call the cops. Winn goes to console Siobhan where she is drinking on the roof, but she’s having none of it. She pretty much acts like a spoiled little girl who didn’t get her way. Then she accidentally falls of the roof but her scream saves her fall. She apparently suddenly developed superpowers as you do.

Martian: The media is wondering about J’onn. He is eating an Oreo-analogue cookie: Choco’s. (Nice comic shout out!) The DEO is under investigation about J’onn’s involvement with Lucy, back in the military, and Colonel James Harper. It’s pretty much a witch hunt from the word go. Harper wants blood and is being a xenophobic ass. He thinks that J’onn has been building an alien army and refuses to believe that Henshaw was sociopathic. And it is very much an atmosphere of fear here. They put Alex on a lie detector test. Lucy declares that she has failed it. Both Hank and Alex are to be sent to PROJECT CADMUS. And that? It’s bad news. According to James, it’s the reason why Superman refuses to work with the government. Why? They’re essentially trying to figure out how aliens work and use human as test subjects. It’s for military purposes and smacks of a lot of uncomfortable things. I, for one, am hoping for a big Cat Grant expose at a later date. Anyway, Kara decides to tell Lucy the truth in order to get her on their side. Lucy asks why aliens keep lying about who they are. Kara educates her on how much it sucks to hide who you are and force yourself to fit in. She knows that Lucy is just trying to find a place to fit in and Kara thinks that can be with her. In her heart, Kara knows that Lucy is a good person and knows that Lucy does not believe in CADMUS. On the transport to CADMUS, Colonel Harper acts like a douchebag to Alex and J’onn. He promises them that their lives are about to get difficult. Until they are stopped and rescued by Alex and Kara: both on motorcycles and helmeted to avoid being seen. J’onn breaks the device Harper had been using to suppress his powers and only erases parts of his memory. In Harper’s memory, however, he learns the shocking truth…Jeremiah Danvers is alive. In order to find him, Alex and Hank have to go on the run. The Danvers sisters and their Martian Daddy share a touching goodbye that just gives you all of the emotions. In the aftermath, Harper resigns from the military and Lucy is named the new head of the DEO. Kara promising to help her settle into her new role.

Manhunter: Ten years ago, the real Hank Henshaw is tracking down J’onn in South America. He calls him the most dangerous fugitive they have ever faced and puts a shoot to kill order on him. Jeremiah Danvers wants to show more compassion to him. In South America, the team spreads out. Jeremiah is surprised by a snake and his gun jams. When it looks like the snake it about to bite, J’onn rescues Jeremiah. Jeremiah sets up camp complete with fire. J’onn shares what happened and Jeremiah promises to help him. The two of them bond over. Hank attacks the pair, intent on killing J’onn. It ends Jeremiah asks him to take care of his girls, and J’onn assuming the Hank identity. We also see how Alex being recruited in. Three years ago, she was a party girl who got arrested for DUI. J’onn visits her in jail, and recruits her to join the DEO. He brings her to the headquarters with a promise to train her. In another flashback, we see Kara adjusting to life on Earth. Junior High is tough, especially when you’re an alien. At a group trip to the beach, Kara stares at birds and then runs off to save the victims of a car crash. She pulls the mother and baby from the wreckage, but the exploding car parts hurt Alex. It requires stitches. Jeremiah gives Kara the lead-lined glasses and tells her to lay low. The world has a Superman and he wants her to be Kara. Two years ago, we see Kara’s interview with Cat Grant and her first meeting with Winn. Kara gets the job by focusing on how ordinary she is.

Next week, BARRY COMES TO NATIONAL CITY! And we get to see these two dorks hang out!

Bec Heim