What’s The Latest News And Rumours Concerning The Deadpool Sequel?

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

Unless you have been living under a rock, and hey some people do, you would be more than aware of the gorgeous mess Deadpool is making all over cinema screens and social media.

Well now you can break out the chimichangas, because they’re set to take the most irreverent and inappropriate Marvel character to hit the screens… and do it all again. No, this one isn’t going to be a kids’ version, never gonna happen, stop asking. It’s a second adventure with the inimitable Wade Wilson.

If you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps you should get off here and go do that instead because there might be the odd spoiler coming up.

As we know, despite fighting side by side with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool is not a fan of the X-Men; and of course his biting remark through the 4th wall about the studio being too cheap to hire any of them for the movie is just the icing on the cake there.

Co-writer Paul Wernick has said, “Deadpool’s now become a brand and franchise unto himself, independent of the X-Men.”

Credit; Marvel
Credit: Marvel

So while the sequel will plant the Merc with a Mouth in the X-Men universe, there will not be any teaming up with Professor X or Wolverine or any of the others. Although I am pretty sure we can see more witty comments and references to them and possibly more jokes aimed at Hugh Jackman as per the original. The other thing we need to remember is that Deadpool is set about 30 years after all the X-Men series so unless he teams up with Old X-Men, or is that Geri-X-Men, it ain’t happening.

However it hasn’t been ruled out, as writer Rhett Reese has said, “The X-Men series is currently set in the 1980s and Deadpool is set three decades later in our present day.” But, he added, “it’s a timeline that will eventually catch up, I would imagine.” The writers could work the X-Men, X-Force and Deadpool in together, which gives a lot of scope and a lot of characters to play with, but then we start getting really complicated.

It is hard to imagine how on earth they will let Deadpool, who let’s face it has some crass yet wildly funny lines and references, interact with the cleaner cut Mutant heroes of Bryan Singer’s franchise. Although to be fair, Wolverine has told Professor X and Magneto to “go F*** yourselves.” Perhaps it is better left alone, after all I am not sure even I can deal with all those online petitions and comments to make Deadpool ‘family friendly’. Deadpool is for the grownups.

Speaking of the sequel, rumours abound that we will be seeing Domino line up with Deadpool. She is a good fit, apart from all the X-Force connections with dating Colossus and fighting alongside Cable who is also set to appear. As well as being a skilled soldier and expert marksman, Domino’s mutant ability is called  ‘probability manipulation’; which means if there is luck or chance involved she can turn things in her favour. The kind of gal you want with you on the casino floor on a Saturday night.

Deadpool is currently cleaning up the box office in cinema’s worldwide.

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