Whatever Happened To “Truth, Justice, And The American Way” On This Week’s Supergirl?

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back to Supergirl, folks!

After a week hiatus, the show is back. This week, Kara deals with the fall out from Astra’s death and Cat still being mad at her.

So this should be a good time for all involved, huh?

Let’s get this started, shall we?

Miss Missing You: Kara is dreading going to work tomorrow and missing Astra. Alex is trying to not feel guilty about her own role. Non comes to visit Kara. In an interesting bit of Kryptonian culture, we see Kara lead the rites for the dead Astra. Non says that he will observe the mourning period for Astra, but then the next coffin will be hers. Kara insists that Non will observe the rights, two weeks, to J’onn. And it is frosty between the two. Alex really wants to tell Kara, but Hanks insists they are doing the right thing. Max wants Kara to let him free, saying that he does good things for the world. Kara says they are staying put.

The New Kid: In revenge for Kara’s disappointments, Cat has hired Siobhan Smythe. She gives Kara a demotion to assistant number two and shows preferential treatment to Siobhan. Cat has noticed Lord’s disappearance after a glitch in his phones is being handled by his PR guy instead of Max. Siobhan gives off the nice evil person charm. Clearly looking to be just the only assistant to Cat, she wants to destroy Kara. (Is it weird that I keep thinking of Sebastian Smythe from Glee? Probably.) Siobhan tries to get under Kara’s skin by asking about James and when Kara snaps, Cat reprimands her. When Kara is called out by the DEO, Siobhan is kind of catty as Kara goes. Siobhan wants to become a reporter and be the next Cat Grant. So she is not going to be the one who is making friends here. In other potential new kid news, James wants to be honest with Lucy and bring her into the group. This means that he wants Kara’s permission to tell Lucy about Kara’s identity.

The Ethics: James is on the story but is worried about Kara’s ethics. Kara insists that Lord is way to dangerous to let out. James says that Lord needs to be given his due process because America. Lucy finds out that the DEO visited Lord before he disappeared. James tries to direct Lucy away from it, which has her learning what he knows of the DEO. (Siobhan is eavesdropping outside the door.) She’s upset with him asking how close he is to Supergirl, and James has no answer. Lucy leaves. Cat goes to visit James while he drinks on the balcony. She talks about instead of going for the truth on a story, she wrote a puff piece instead. Yeah. Siobhan definitely told her what happened. James goes to visit Kara at the DEO about Lord and ethics. He says that Kara’s power scares Lord and that what she is doing is why Lord is scared of her. He says ultimately that this is a battle between Kara’s values versus Lord’s values. James says that he doesn’t recognize her like this, and she is not living up to the symbol on her chest. He does warn her about Siobhan. Kara lets Max Lord go. Alex and Lord essentially enter a Cold War agreement: mutually assured destruction.

Meet Master Jailer: The DEO is tracking a Fort Rozz prisoner. When they go pick him up, he is kidnapped by…Boba Fett apparently. Okay it’s the Master Jailer. He’s pulling his best Punisher impression (because Lexi Alexander who directed Punisher: War Zone is directing this week). He is killing the prisoners he captures. J’onn and Alex are trying to track him, but he’s a ghost. Kara comes in, and J’onn wanted to give her time off. Kara gets even frostier with J’onn as she suggests they talk to the police department. J’onn and Alex meet Detectives Warren and Draper. Warren is less enthused by the pair than Draper. The talk comes up with a pattern: five bodies with unusual features being dredged up from the river. All are decapitated. Alex notices that the Fort Roz prisoners are being killed sequentially to their prisoner numbers. So they find the next prisoner just as Master Jailer goes for the attack. The fight between the two is hella creative with Master Jailer using these cool chain things. It turns out the Master Jailer’s baton is covered in Warren’s DNA. It turns out to be Draper who is the Master Jailer. He shoots Warren and Alex. Alex is fine thanks to her bulletproof vest, but Master Jailer has taken Kara. Kara talks with the most recently captured prisoner, who tells her his story. He was trying to help pay for one of his wives hospital bills by drug smuggling. He saw his life on Earth as a second chance. Draper, one of the guards, saw this as a chance to recreate Fort Rozz on Earth. He tries to win Kara over to his side, but Kara is not having it at all. Draper begins the execution process with the Professor, and tells Kara he is going to have to kill her. When Alex and the DEO go to raid a cabin in Draper’s name, Kara is not there. They find the ship underneath the cabin and make an entrance. Kara and Alex are able to defeat the Master Jailer. Kara drops the Professor off at the school, saying he deserves a chance to have a good life.

Myriad: Kara goes to question the Alura AI at the DEO. When she mentions Myriad, the AI enters lockdown telling Kara that continue questioning will lead to self-destruct. J’onn wonders what Myriad is to freak out the AI that much. Kara tells him that she needs space from him. Every time she sees him, she sees the person who killed her aunt because she belives there is always another way.

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