Time To Check Out The “Sweet Kicks” On This Week’s Lucifer

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Welcome back everyone to Lucifer!

Last week, Lucifer is feeling pain and bleeding like a mortal. Amenadiel tries to get Maze on his side. Chloe almost believed Lucifer’s truth, but then the shooting him thing kind of put her off. Also Dan thinks Chloe and Lucifer are having sex.

We all up to speed? Good.

Let’s get onto the episode.

Devil’s Shoe: Lucifer and Maze are at a sneaker fashion show of Benny Choi. Apparently, six-figure sneakers are a thing. Lucifer finds the whole danger aspects thrilling, and Maze is worried about the bleeding. Lucifer goes backstage to make-out with a model when gunfire is heard. Later at LUX, Maze confronts Lucifer about his mortality. The two have a fight and Lucifer says that Maze’s existence is to protect him.

The Case: Maze drags Lucifer out as the designer is escorted offstage. Maze and Lucifer find the body of Paola Cortez. Chloe and Dan are looking into the case. The Gang Unit want Homicide to handle it. Chloe insists Lucifer is out of her life now, but Dan points to Lucifer at her desk. Lucifer makes Chloe squirm a bit as he heads into a meeting with her boss. Lucifer asks the Lieutenant if he can join the case. Although telling her that he wants danger in his life is probably not the way to do it. Lucifer exploits her desire to be the first female Chief of Police in order to be let on to the case. Lucifer is clearly getting off on feeling pain. Benny meets Lucifer at the apartment where Lucifer calls in his favor with Benny so Chloe gets her answers. Some guys wanted into the show, but his assistant, Hector, turned them away at the door. Benny used to be a low-level gang member and is keeping quiet to stop a gang war. At the turf of the Latin Kings, Chloe tells Lucifer that he needs to have her back here. Chloe tells him to take care of himself and locks him in the car. She hears a scream inside of the house where Lucifer is waiting for them. Paola was the cousin of one of the suspects, Diego. The couple gives the name of a suspect named Yellow Viper. Benny texts Chloe about another death. At his place, someone has killed his pet pig. Benny says that Viper will not stop until he is dead. The pair find Yellow Viper teaching some kind of a tagging art class. A bunch of cars suddenly drive in, members of the Latin Kings crew. The crew pulls out the guns, and Lucifer seems to realize the danger he is in. Chloe tries to talk Diego down as his wife, Dani, eggs him on. Lucifer takes over the talking so that Chloe can escape with Yellow Viper and his art class. Suddenly, the lights go out and people start to drop. Maze is on the scene for a fight. Lucifer provides helpful commentary to all the injuries. When the police come on the scene, they found the same caliber gun as what killed Paola and arrest Benny. Chloe tells Lucifer that he’s addicted to power and says he thrives on chaos. Lucifer gets Viper to reveal his desire, and that if he wanted Benny dead then he wouldn’t have missed. This leads Chloe to realize that there may have been no real target. Lucifer and Chloe bring Viper to Benny’s place. Chloe thinks that Benny wanted to take down the more talented Viper before Viper could take down him. It was Hector, who was a Marine sniper. Hector points the finger at Benny, who orchestrated everything even the pig’s death. Lucifer shows Benny his true face, which freaks him out. Later at Paola’s memorial, he says that his favor with the Lieutenant was an honest trade. He’s now a LAPD civilian consultant officially. Chloe says she is going to keep her eyes on him. She then locks the door and leaves Lucifer behind.

Drinks With Devil: Lucifer gets Chloe to take him to a cop bar called the Paddock. Chloe says she’s not exactly welcomed there anymore. Lucifer is able to talk her into it. At the bar, Chloe and Lucifer talk about the nature of his deals. The partner of the cop Chloe accused of being dirty calls her a bitch. Lucifer, wanting to add to the danger in his life, goes to confront the guy. He punches him and Chloe drags him out. Dan comes to LUX to visit Lucifer, and tells Lucifer to take care of Chloe. He doesn’t want Trixie to be without a mother. Later at LUX, Lucifer admits that there are consequences to becoming mortal. He says that he knows Maze will always protect him. That he depends on her. Maze says she will always protect him. Later, she watches Chloe sleep but is gone when Chloe wakes up.

Appointments With Angels: Maze meets Amenadiel at a coffee shop. Apparently dreams of dying screenwriters remind her of Hell. She tells Amenadiel that she wants to go home. He says that he needs something on Lucifer. Maze says that Lucifer doesn’t talk to her anymore, but she knows who he does talk to: Dr. Martin. Amenadiel goes to Martin’s office as she is closing up for the night. Amenadiel goes undercover as a fellow doctor and works the charms on her. Amenadiel comes to Martin’s office and invites her out for drinks, wanting information. Amenadiel can be surprisingly charming.

Bec Heim