Supergirl Meets “Bizarro” In This Week’s Episode

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans!

After last week’s deeply emotional episode, this week we have Supergirl vs Supergirl.

Maxwell Lord, grade A ass, is gunning for Kara this week. He will definitely be taking no prisoners.

So let’s see what happens next!

The Twin: We cut back to three months ago as Maxwell Lord injects Jane Doe with some kind of black liquid which makes her seize. We then cut to see Lord give a soliloquy to his “perfect creation,” aka Bizarro Supergirl. So not only has Lord taken a poor brain dead girl and performed experiments on her, he gave her plastic surgery to look like Kara. Yeah someone needs to beat him up. At the DEO, Alex says that it wasn’t a shape-shifter and Kara brings up Lord after discarding the clone theory. Henshaw says that the girl he found was pretty much gone, and Lord is not God (except when he plays God). Lord also does some kind of behavioral therapy, shocking the other whenever Supergirl is on screen to reinforce that Supergirl is bad. Anyone else need a shower? At the site of a tram derailment, Supergirl shows up but so does the other. They battle briefly, but when the tram derails the other Supergirl doesn’t attack the original. At work the next day, Cat reveals her name: Bizarro. Back in Lord’s little room of horrors, he asks Bizarro why she didn’t kill Supergirl. Bizarro points out that Supergirl seems good. Lord says that people seem good, but they aren’t. He asks her to trust him (so need a shower). Alex confronts him, and Lord smarmily dances around the topic. He also implies heavily what he knows.

Bizarro-Girl:. At the DEO, Kara expresses sympathy toward Bizarro and doesn’t want to fight the poor girl. Alex says that she is Lord’s experiment. Later, Bizarro kidnaps Kara from her date and forces her to fight. In the fight, the opposite natures of Bizarro’s powers are revealed as is the knowledge of what Lord knows. Alex arrives with the Kryptonite weaponry, but it strengthens and deforms Bizarro. Kara tells Alex that Lord knows and they need to do something about it. Max tells her that she should be pissed off because of it and go after Supergirl’s loved ones. Alex storms into Lord’s office and takes him into custody because they are outside the law. She also slams his head into the table when he threatens to expose Kara. It’s the most satisfying moment of the episode. Alex takes Lord to the DEO and tosses him in a cell. Henshaw says that they can’t do that, and Alex says she is putting her family first. Bizarro kidnaps James and takes him to a warehouse. He talks to her about inner beauty, but him reaching for his call watch kind of puts a dampener on things. Bizarro burns it, releasing the noise to alert Kara. She flies in with Alex coming to snipe Bizarro with anti-Kryptonite. After a brutal fight, Alex succeeds and Bizarro goes down. Bizarro apologizes to Kara, who tells her that it is not her fault. She holds Bizarro’s hand and promises that she will be there when Bizarro wakes. Kara then goes to Lord’s cell and when he talks about Eliza nearly vaporizes him. Alex stops her though.

Hot And Cold: Cat has picked up her own latte this sunny morning along with Kara’s favorite. She also listens to Kara’s ideas in meetings. She’s being nice to Kara because of her upcoming date with Adam. It’s freaking Kara out, but Cat is happy that Kara is providing Adam with an excuse to stay. After Kara bails to deal with the tram car, Adam takes Cat to dinner instead. Mother and son seem to be repairing their relationship. Yaaay! When Kara reappears after Bizarro kidnaps her, Cat is relieved to see her all right. The talk, however, between Adam and Kara results in Adam returning to Opal City. He promises to keep in contact with Cat and continue to repair their relationship. Cat, however, thinks she has gotten too close to Kara and sees too much of herself in her. She wants their relationship to be more work appropriate from here on out. Kara is hurt, but she did break her son’s heart so she doesn’t fight Cat on it.

Why Can’t Adam Stay? Kara is determined to go out with Adam this episode, dammit. The pair of them seem to have really good chemistry. Adam is genuinely interested in Kara and seems to care about her. Of course, it’s like the worst week possible. Their first date night is interrupted by the tram car incident. Kara lies about a grandmother who had a spill and leaves. Adam is forgiving about the evening, and they make plans for that night. As they walk, Kara shares a little about her family’s death and her feelings of not being normal. Adam tells her that literally everyone feels that and expresses sorrow over what happened to her. The pair eventually kiss and it is really sweet. Then Kara gets kidnapped. Upon her return, she breaks it off with Adam in order to keep him safe. In a pretty heartwrenching scene, Adam begs her to give it a chance. Kara cannot, however, do that. She doesn’t want to lose him like she lost everyone. Adam leaves to go back to Opal City, and all Kara (and I) want for him to do is stay. They were so cute together!

Oh God Why? James and Winn are both a little too fake happy about Kara’s date with Adam. It turns out that’s precisely what they are. In a scene that does disservice to both characters, Winn essentially gives James his blessing to go after Kara as they drink scotch. Even though James still has his awesome girlfriend Lucy. James freely admits he loves Kara to Bizarro, but still goes to get Lucy at the end from the airport. It just seems weird with the whole Winn giving him permission and emotional affair aspect. Honestly have them break-up and let Lucy date Alex.

Don’t Look Up: Kara returns home to a darkened apartment. There’s a strange pod on the table in the room, and something jumps down from the ceiling above.

Bec Heim