New Trailer For High Rise Is Released As Tom Hiddleston Celebrates Birthday

Credit: RPC
Credit: RPC

Today 9th February, is Tom Hiddleston’s 35th Birthday, but it seems he decided to give fans the present, in the form of the latest cinematic trailer for the dystopian whirlwind that is High Rise.

The actor, who is currently hanging out on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia filming Skull Island, sent out this tweet;

High Rise follows the tale of Dr Robert Laing in 1975, who takes up resident in the brand new state-of-the art High Rise building in London.  What follows is an abrupt and rapid decline into social anarchy.  A brutal and telling take on society set within this microcosm of urban dwelling. As the trailer opens, “for all it’s inconveniences, Laing was satisfied with his life in the High Rise” we see Hiddleston as he moves in to the new building, however things soon take a turn for the worst; just like the people within it.

JG Ballard’s tale, from which the movie is adapted, is as relevant now as it was when it was written just over 40 years ago.  Possibly even more so as we live in an even greater technological age on which we find ourselves reliant.

Laing finds himself in the middle floor of the building and struggles to find his place in both the upper levels and among those on the very lower floors. It’s a very blunt, in your face copy of the British class structure.   He meets with the building’s architect, played with such beautiful detachment by Jeremy Irons.  He also finds himself among the party set of  Charlotte Melville (Sienna Miller) who lives one floor above him and her friend Richard Wilder (Luke Evans).  He also tries to maintain his job teaching autopsies at the local university, a scene which is not for the faint-hearted.

However Laing becomes a part of the lifestyle in the building and when minor power failures and petty grievances among neighbours from various  floors, he finds that things soon turn violent. It soon degenerates to all out war as floors try to claim elevators and hold them for their own. Groups gather to defend their rights to the swimming pools. The party-goers attack “enemy floors” to raid and vandalise them.  The supermarket becomes a true hunt for food and Laing will do anything for what he needs.

Directed by Ben Wheatley, the film also stars Elisabeth Moss, James Purefoy, and Reece Shearsmith.

It is currently being shown in exclusive early previews across the UK, with selected special screenings that  feature a Q&A with guests from the cast and crew.

High Rise opens officially in UK cinemas on March 18th.

Watch the trailer below:





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