Lionsgate Acquire The Film Rights To The Magic Tree House Books

Credit: Random House
Credit: Random House

Many nostalgic properties are being remade or made into movies or TV shows.

We’re seeing a new Magic School Bus on Netflix. The Rock is making classic video game Rampage into a movie. Power Rangers is getting a movie based on the Mighty Morphin’ property. Nancy Drew is growing up and getting a pilot order from CBS.

It’s a strange time to live in.

For those kids who were like me growing up, it’s time to remember those books we would devour. Oh boy were there a ton of series for us to get our hands on. (Now I’m having flashbacks to the Scholastic Book Fair. Good times.)

One series for me was the Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne.

In the series siblings Jack and Annie were sent on various adventures throughout time on missions for Morgan Le Fay and Merlin. They are able to do  this with the help of titular magic tree house, which is full of books. It was broken into several arcs with similar sounds titles (one arc was named after the days of the week, etc). The series will reach 54 books as of 2016.

Today, Lionsgate announced that they will be adapting the series into films. I think they’re hoping to reach a younger audience outside of the YA demographic they won over with The Hunger Games and Divergent franchises.

The film was co-written by Chicago playwright Jenny Laird and Will Osborne, author Mary Pope Osborne’s husband.

In a statement, Mary Pope Osborne said: “Lionsgate has an impressive reputation for working closely with content creators, respecting and protecting their vision, and making them part of the creative process. I’m thrilled to have partnered with them on bringing the Magic Tree House books to life in a series of films that kids, parents and grandparents will all get to enjoy together.”  

The script will be adapting Christmas In Camelot, where Jack and Annie having outgrown the tree house are summoned to the mythical city to save it.

No word on when the Magic Tree House films will come out.

Bec Heim