Lady Gaga To Design Her Own Monster High Doll With Her Sister

Lady Gaga is one of everyone’s favourite artists at the minute. She’s shown her acting talent in AHS: Hotel and most recently, she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. And I’m not going to lie to you guys, when I heard her sing during the Super Bowl, I almost cried it was so good, and it wasn’t even MY National Anthem.

And now, Lady Gaga is taking on a new role, which I am very excited about: she is set to design her own doll for the Monster High doll collection! If you don’t have a clue who or what the Monster High dolls are, let me explain. The dolls are essentially like the Bratz Dolls, but they have a supernatural twist to them, they have names like Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein. Basically, they are the dolls I wish I had when I was younger.

The news was announced on Friday by Mattel, the makers of the dolls where it was announced that Gaga along with her sister Natali Germanotta, who is a fashion designer herself, will work together to create a new doll for the series. Although the doll won’t be released for another six months,  Mattel has released a teaser image of the doll, showing the shadow which doesn’t give too much away, but leaves you wanting to see the full image of it.

Credit: Hollywood Reporter
Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Natali spoke to Refinery29 about the project and the doll itself, saying, “the doll really represents showing your unique self and being the most vulnerable you. Through that, within the design and the aesthetic, and the doll itself, it really outs forward that image to the young kids that we will be seeing it and interacting with it…I think it is really important to be honest with yourself and your friends. There is really no better way to live. It can sometimes be scary, but at the same time it is very fulfilling.”

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that, the sisters are designing the doll for a very important reason. “The goal of encouraging girls to be true to their most unique selves. In this spirit, it’s part of a partnership between Monster High and the singer’s Born This Way Foundation. All proceeds from the doll’s sales will go towards the foundation’s work to inspire a more accepting, kinder and braver society.”

Like I said earlier, the Monster High dolls are something that I would have loved as a kid, and judging by this message that Gaga and her sister are trying to show through this doll about being yourself, the Gaga doll is certainly that doll I, and probably others like me, NEEDED growing up, so I’m very happy that children today are going to have the chance to get this doll… and who knows maybe I’ll get one for myself!

Kayleigh Falvey