Kara Seeks Some “Solitude” In This Week’s Episode Of Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back friends to another Supergirl!

Last week’s episode featured some pretty awesome fight scenes along with some nice world-building for Krypton.

This week, Kara and James head way up North to the Fortress of Solitude. I can’t wait to see how the tap-dance around Superman not being there.

Let’s get this started, shall we?

Distance: Kara is adrift through the Phantom Zone when a familiar symbol appears (Brainiac anyone?). In the present day, she is waking up and Alex brings a peace offering of donuts. Alex wants Kara to come back to the DEO, but Kara isn’t sure she can trust J’onn. She thinks its time to be her own Supergirl. Alex and J’onn have a practice fight together. Alex confesses that she is really upset about letting Kara think that J’onn killed Astra. She wants to be honest to her sister, but J’onn wants to protect both of his girls from being hurt. So he takes Kara’s estrangement even though he has lost a lot. At the end of the episode, Alex finally breaks down and tells Kara everything. It’s a really emotional scene and lets Chyler Leigh show her acting chops. She confesses that she just reacted because J’onn was in trouble. Instead of Kara getting mad at her, she hugs her sister, and when J’onn tries to leave, Kara grabs his hand. It’s a really great quiet moment between this family.

Indigo: Siobhan is keeping a pretty tight leash on a package for Cat. What’s on it? Apparently, the client list for Diamond Discretions, an Ashley Madison like website, for the rich and powerful. Cat refuses to publish the story based on her own hack earlier this year. Lucy disagrees with that. At CatCo, the hacker appears on the screen. She expresses her disappointment over CatCo not publishing the story and promises an attack. Traffic lights have crashed. The next day, National City is in chaos over this mysterious cyber terrorist. Cat decides to put the full force of her media on this. Back in the apartment, Winn does the technobabble thing and catches the attention of the hacker. She comes out of the computer, revealing Indigo. She attacks the group and says she knows everything about Kara. Alex and J’onn burst in, and J’onn tries to bring Kara back in to the fold. Indigo catches the attention of Non. She tells Non to not continue with Myriad and that Astra’s plan for it is not feasible. Humans and aliens cannot live together under it. After some flirting, Indigo tells Non that the Apocalypse is neigh: only she and the Kryptonians will remain. At Catco the next day, Alex comes to bring in Winn to help find Indigo. Losing their best hacker, James has an idea of where to take Kara to get her information. Lucy is able to put together the plans, which is a General is targeted. Which one? The one with the nuclear launch codes. Indigo plans to nuke the city. Indigo hitches a ride in the General’s pocket and begins her evil plan. Kara arrives, but the launch sequence is activated. She punches Indigo and goes after the nuke. Meanwhile, Winn (whose computer skills vastly outmatch an IT guy) accidentally made a virus to bring down Indigo. Kara and Indigo start to fight again, and she hears the voices on Kara’s comm. She starts to strangle Winn, who uploads the virus on to her. Before she is “destroyed”, Indigo tells Kara that she was the one who brought her (and Fort Rozz) out of the Phantom Zone. So Kara owes her current life to Indigo.

Solitude: James takes Kara to the Fortress of Solitude where the key is literally under the snowy mat, granted when only a few people in the world can lift it. James expresses shock that Kara has never been before. Kara admits that Clark has invited her, but she always found an excuse not to go. The Fortress itself is actually kind of cool looking and feels very in tune with the Silver Age comics. So Supergirl uses one of the robots and finds out about Indigo and that she is the most dangerous prisoner in Fort Rozz. With this news, the pair leave the Fortress.

Lies: James wants to tell Lucy the truth about Kara. Kara is reluctant about letting Lucy know due to the crazy in her life. When Lucy tries to work the case with James, he brushes her off. Lucy is disappointed. Meanwhile, Siobhan has learned about her father’s lies. As she shares with Winn, her dad was in Diamond Discretions. Meanwhile, Lucy is upset that James ditched their dinner to go with Supergirl. Kara tries to talk to her but makes things worse. Apparently, Lucy wasn’t told the story about James’ camera and his dad. She thanks Kara for her help. After Indigo is dealt with, Winn goes to talk with Siobhan about his dad and twisted family. Siobhan just starts making out with him. Then Kara and James have a chat with each other. She gives him permission to tell Lucy the truth about her. When James goes to do it, Lucy breaks up with him. She tells James that he isn’t in love with her. He’s in love with Kara.

Um? So Non is somehow able to get Indigo’s body parts back. He tells her that they did it her way, and now it is time for them to do it his way.

Bec Heim