Julianne Moore Rumored For Kingsman 2 Villain

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Kingsman 2 may have found its main villain in Julianne Moore. The Oscar-winner is reportedly in talks to star in the action sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Star Taron Egerton is already lined up to return for the follow-up to Kingsman: The Secret Service. There are conflicting reports about whether director Matthew Vaughn will also be back. Entertainment Weekly says Vaughn has not been confirmed yet, though The Hollywood Reporter claims he is “back in the director’s chair.”

Colin Firth, co-star of the first outing, will not be back according to the latest reports. Initially ideas had been floated to somehow revive the character after his pretty point blank death or even bring in a twin for Harry Hart, enabling Firth to return for the film.

Fan favorite Merlin (Mark Strong) has also not been confirmed for the sequel.

Following in the footsteps of Samuel L. Jackson’s lispy, egomaniac from the first film might be a tall order but Moore, who won Best Actress at last year’s Academy Awards, should be up to the task. No details have been released about her character or the film except that the action will hop across the Atlantic from England to the United States.

Based on the comic book series, The Secret Service, by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, Kingsman was a surprise action hit in 2014. After grossing $128.3 million domestically and $414.4 million worldwide, a sequel was confirmed in June 2015. Vaughn was reportedly writing the sequel so it might be odd if he didn’t return to direct as well. He doesn’t have any other directing projects lined up as of now though he is producing sports dramedy Eddie the Eagle, which also stars Egerton.

Production on Kingsman 2 is set to begin in May, a month later than Fox had initially planned, according to IGN. The sequel is expected to hit theaters June 16, 2017.

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