Ice Cold: The Flash Releases A Closer Look At Killer Frost

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Things are getting a little frosty these days in Earth-2, aka the alternate reality on The Flash.

For weeks, it has been teased and revealed that Danielle Panabaker’s alter ego Caitlin Snow was getting a metahuman version of herself for Earth-2 named Killer Frost. This version of Dr. Snow is what you would call a total ice queen.

Previous images of Killer Frost in action were released, and now The CW has released yet another one, this one being more like a character poster.

Barry Allen is set to meet this new villainous metahuman on this week’s episode titled “Welcome to Earth-2.” Barry, along with Harry and Cisco, travel to the alternate world in order to save Harry’s daughter Jesse from Zoom.

During their time in Earth-2, they run into some complications and obstacles, namely in the form of Killer Frost aka Caitlin and Deathstorm, the Earth-2 version of Firestorm aka Ronnie Raymond (played once again by Robbie Amell).

Unlike their counterparts back on Earth-1 who were allies to The Flash, Killer Frost and Deathstorm are the worst in the sense that they are more like Bonnie and Clyde.

Barry is also in for quite the shock when he runs into the Earth-2 versions of both Iris and Joe West, and the five-some find themselves in peril when Killer Frost and Deathstorm set their sights on them.

Those two aren’t the only foes that Team Flash will face this week as Jay, in Barry’s absence, will be forced to face off against a new metahuman by the name of Geomancer to defend Central City.

See Killer Frost in action when “Welcome to Earth-2” airs this week on The Flash on the CW.

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