Game Of Thrones Teases Jon Snow’s Fate In New Trailer For Season 6

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

It’s safe to say that the marketing and promotion team at HBO are having a bit of fun at the expense of Game of Thrones fans everywhere.

HBO just released a teaser of the upcoming sixth season of the hit drama (and apparently most pirated series ever).

The teaser is set in the House of Black and White, where, if you recall, is the home of the Faceless Men assassins league and where one Arya Stark ended up last season. The brave young Stark met a cruel fate last season when she took matters into her own hands and was punished by the Faceless Men by losing her site.

 The clip released begins with a nod on the show’s notoriously high body count (Rule number one of being a Game of Thrones fan: everyone dies). The first face to haunt us in this clip is the face of Ned Stark, who died in season 1. While Ned’s face lingers, a quote by Ned from season 1 plays.

Then the teaser really goes for the gut punch as it goes to the face of Robb Stark, who died in season 3, with similar dialogue from season 3. Followed by Robb is his mother, who also met her death in the same episode as her son, the one infamously known as “The Red Wedding.”

Also shown in the room of the Faceless Men is Joffrey, who met his fate in season 4.

The last and final close up belongs to Jon Snow, featuring some of his dialogue, with HBO really twisting the knife into fans over the question of whether or not Jon Snow really died at the end of season 5 with “Hall of Faces.”

Given that the teaser ends with Tyrion’s and Daenerys’ faces as well, fans should not take the teaser as a confirmation that Jon Snow is dead. What they can believe in is that absolutely no one is safe on this show.

Check out the haunting teaser below!

Game of Thrones returns on April 24, 2016.

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