“For The Girl Who Has Everything” Provides An Emotional Gut Punch On Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back to Supergirl!

I had been waiting for this episode since it was announced! I was so ready to see the show’s take on the classic Superman story “For The Man Who Has Everything” with “For The Girl Who Has Everything”.

Kara remembers Krypton, and I was endlessly curious to learn more about the planet in different media.

So let’s dive right in.

Dream A Little Dream: Kara wakes up to a floating robot over her bed. Naturally, she freaks out about this development. What freaks her out even more is seeing her mother and Krypton alive and around her. Her mother tells her that she had something called Argo Fever, and that Kara hallucinated everything about Earth. Kara refuses to believe it, saying she will figure out what has happened to her. She sees everything familiar about home: her parents, Kal-El at a young age. As she is pulled deeper into the fantasy, Kara starts to forget about her life on Earth. Eventually she allows herself to be pulled into the fantasy on Krypton.

Don’t Wake Me Up: Alex is willing to do anything to free Kara from the Black Mercy, even get the devil involved. The devil, naturally, is Maxwell Lord. He builds a device that will let Alex enter Kara’s dreamscape so she can convince Kara to give up the dream. Alex goes in, but not before she tells James to make sure that J’onn doesn’t pull her out of the dream. She’s not leaving that dream without her sister. In the dream, Alex tries to convince Kara to come home. Kara, however, is under the Black Mercy’s thrall. She knocks out Alex, who is going to be prosecuted by Alura with Zor-El, Kara, and Kal-El watching on. In an amazing bit of acting from Chyler Leigh, Alex tells Kara that she needs to let the dream go. That she is sorry that Kara is hurting so much, but nothing can be perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Kara needs to come home because she’s her sister and she loves her. Kara eventually snaps out of it. She tearfully says that this is everything she had ever wanted, but it’s not real. She tells her mother that she loves her, and she is strong because of her. Fake Alura hugs her daughter and says they will never let her leave (hello Black Mercy). Kara and Alex reach for each other as the dream world disintegrates around them.

Reality Crash: Waking up in the real world, Alex thinks that she has lost Kara. She yells at James and J’onn thinking they pulled her out. James promises Alex that they didn’t do anything. Winn, who has been helping the DEO because of course, says that Kara is awake. Kara sits there in a daze and finally asks who did this to her. The answer? Non.

Life Of Kara: Cat is still pissed at Kara for Adam’s return to Opal City. She tells Winn to call Kara in ASAP. Winn and James end up calling Alex, and that’s when they find Kara. After taking her to the DEO (and being kicked out), James and Winn attempt to cover for her at work. Cat, however, is having none of it and threatens Kara’s job. J’onn takes Kara’s form and goes in to preserve her cover. Of course, working for Cat Grant is not the easiest job in the world. He soon learns. As the situation with Kara grows dire, J’onn as Kara tries to take the day off. He even fake cries, and Cat says that looking at Kara makes her sick. It looks like her job is still saved, for the moment. This would have been so much easier if Cat knew.

Non-Starter: While all this is going down, major solar flares are happening. Normally this would be something Supergirl would have been on. Yet she is not because of Non. It turns out that Non was the one who sent the Black Mercy after her. It shocks Astra that Non would essentially kill her niece. He says it was necessary. Without Non knowing, Astra goes to Alex and tells her about the Black Mercy. Astra’s absence was noticed by Non, and he asks where she was. She is able to intimidate him to believe otherwise. Major things are going to go down today with the solar flares covering it. They plan on targeting six satellites and launching something called Myriad. Something was planted in Lord’s facility, and they plan to use Lord’s satellites in order to “save Earth”.

Oh No: Kara immediately goes after Non. She is ready to tear him limb from limb. Beating him senseless, she shows how powerful she can truly be. Non, of course, smarms at her and says that she will be unable to stop them. She is just as week as the humans she tried to protect. During this, Alex tries to reach Astra and get her to change side. Astra, however, does not deviate from the plan. J’onn comes to bring the pain. The two battle ferociously, and it looks like Astra will kill J’onn. Except Alex has stabbed her in the back, which effectively kills her. Kara is able to spend Astra’s final moments by her side. Astra warns her away from Non. Kara tells her that Astra was her family in the dream. J’onn takes the blame for the death. He later tells Alex that Kara needs her big sister to be her hero. At the apartment, Alex tries to tell Kara but cannot bring herself to do so.

See you all on February 22nd!

Bec Heim