Downton Abbey Says Goodbye With A Spectacular Series Finale

Credit: PBS
Credit: PBS

All good things must come to an end, and the end of Downton Abbey has arrived. After 6 seasons of upper class drama and more, the series that took viewers back in time is closing its doors forever.

The Crawley family and its servants had become a staple in our lives; it is truly bittersweet to say goodbye to them. We’ll always cherish the sweet and fun times and also remember those countless times they broke our hearts and had us in tears (we will always love you, Matthew and Sybil).

The very last episode of Downton Abbey wrapped things up rather nicely as everyone got the happy endings they all deserved. It was an episode full of celebrations for once so our tears were ones of total happiness.

Grab your tea or gin and join us for the last time!

What You Need To Know:

Shake Ups: The episode gets off to rough start for the serving staff. Carson fumbles serving dinner when his hands begin shaking, suffering from a hereditary disease his family called ‘the palsy’. Carson begins to worry about his future at Downton while Mrs Hughes tries to comfort him. As for Thomas, his search for future employment has finally come to an end it appears. He secures a job with an elderly couple with a staff of only three, but is unhappy there.

Denker’s Revenge: Edith offers to expand Spratt’s magazine column to a whole page, which both surprises and delights the butler; Denker, however, discovers Spratt’s secret, and tries to get him dismissed by revealing it to the Dowager Countess. The joke turns out to be on Denker though; Violet rather enjoys the column and keeps him on.

Moving On Up: Molesley leaves service when the Headmaster offers Molesley a teaching position, plus a cottage. Molesley says his goodbyes to the staff, and upon parting, he and Baxter finally express their mutual romantic affection, after all this time.

Love Is A Battlefield: Lord Merton tells Isobel he suffers from pernicious anaemia, but still wants to marry her. Poor Merton is sensing his impending death and wants to spend what little time he has left with her by his side. Worrying about her own loss of control, his cruel daughter-in-law, Amelia, prevents Isobel from seeing him. It was a bad move on Amelia’s part as she incurs the wrath of one Dowager Countess. An indignant Violet intervenes, and Isobel agrees to marry him (FINALLY). Back on the servants’ side, to the surprise of no-one, Andy falls for Daisy, who is unsurprisingly uninterested (it almost kills her to be happy). Thankfully, she gradually grows to like him when he spends time helping at her father-in-law’s farm. Eventually she decides to live at the farm.

Love Conquers All: Robert tells Cora how proud he is after watching her preside over a hospital meeting; they reaffirm their love for each other (relationship goals). Mary, after pretty much ruining her sister’s happiness every single time, decides to stop being evil and arranges for Edith to meet Bertie, who proposes, and she accepts (HURRAY). Together, they confront his moralistic mother about Marigold, winning over Mrs Pelham. As for our two race happy gentlemen, Henry and Tom decide to go into business together selling cars. Even more happy news, Dr Clarkson diagnoses Lord Merton as having only a mild form of anaemia so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Finale Hurrah: Everyone gathers for Edith and Bertie’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. Anna suddenly goes into labour and gives birth to a son, giving the Bates a truly happy ending. As for our favorite butler, Carson realizes his illness will ultimately prevent him from performing his duties, and tenders his resignation; Robert reluctantly accepts, and suggests that Thomas return as Butler (welcome back, Thomas). Carson can retire with a pension, retaining an oversight role, which pleases all three. Violet, after all this time and all their fights, accepts that Cora has taken over her prime position within the family, and they reconcile.

And with that, our time at Downton Abbey is officially over! Thanks for tears, laughter, drama, sass, and wit!



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