Dear Mr Spock: Star Trek And Hamilton Meet In This Wonderful Mash-Up

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

The Internet can be such a wonderful place sometimes. Or, at least, the parts of the Internet that I mostly choose to acknowledge.

Some days, like today, you get something pretty freaking amazing.

Hamilton and Star Trek fans, do I have an absolute treat for you. There’s a mash-up about Spock based on the Hamilton song “My Shot”.

It is pretty freaking glorious. God bless it.

This wonderful video comes from Jackson Lanzing. Name sound familiar? He’s a comic writer having written for Batman and Robin Eternal for DC Comics and his creator-owned series Joyride. He’s also written Hacktivist and Freakshow.

The video, which  uses footage from the 2009 version of Star Trek and the original series, is nearly six minutes of absolute brilliance and clever wordplay. Lanzing also demonstrates a pretty sick flow in the video as well, which is available on his YouTube channel.

Seeing videos like this makes this fangirl really happy.

Why? I’m a pretty big fan of Hamilton (and honestly, who isn’t at this point?), and I freaking love Star Trek. Seeing two of my favorite things combined? It just does me so good to see. It also seems pretty timely what with Hamilton sweeping every award known to man and Star Trek in its 50th anniversary year.

It just feels like a celebration to two works that brought me a lot of joy.

Who knows? If we get a Star Trek 4, then maybe Lin-Manuel Miranda will hope on the USS Enterprise to spit a verse for us.

(Note to the Academy, I am expecting Lin to win an Oscar for whatever he comes up with for Moana‘s songs. This is not up for debate. Y’all already screwed up by not giving Best Song to Lady Gaga last night.)

Star Trek Beyond comes out this year. If you sell your soul and a possibly a kidney, then you can see Hamilton on Broadway.

Bec Heim