David Fincher Provided Inspiration For Deadpool’s Director Tim Miller

Here’s a question you didn’t know that you wanted to hear the answer to: what was the best advice David Fincher gave to Deadpool director Tim Miller?

It may seem like it’s coming out of left field, but in an interview with EW, Miller revealed that he went to occasional creative partner David Fincher for advice while editing his most recent movie. Wait — occasional creative partner?

That’s right. Miller was the man behind those weird, oily opening credits seen at the beginning of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Timelessly awesome.

“When I was making Deadpool,” Miller said, “I said to [Fincher] that I was having trouble with the camera coverage and getting exactly what I needed to edit. And he was making fun of me. He said, ‘The only job of a director is where to put the camera and for how long. The rest is just churn.’”

He continued: “I said something to him about how I had to get comfortable with other people on the set knowing my job even better than I do. And he said, ‘Yeah, I’ve kind of forgotten how it felt to not know all their jobs as well as they do.’ He was kidding. Half-kidding.”

The take away? “I don’t compare what I do to his genius, but Fight Club was an influence on Deadpool. So was Seven. The real world grittiness in those films. In Deadpool we stayed far away from the shiny, clean X-Men world. It’s really the seedy underbelly of what’s been shown in other superhero films. The stripclub in Deadpool is not a set. It’s Number 5 Orange in Vancouver.”

The X-Men are pretty shiny and clean, which means it’s probably a good thing that Deadpool is getting his own movie to, ah, express himself fully.

Deadpool is in theaters now.

Emily Suazo