Awww: Robert Downey Jr Makes Young Boy An Honorary Member Of The Avengers

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Superheroes are real. They might not wear capes or high technology suits, but they exist. In fact, they don’t need a bunch of gadgets and special armour to save the day: it only takes a good heart and the will to help. Sometimes, these incredible humans coincidentally play superheroes in the big screen, which gives them an even bigger chance to make significant changes in the world; they are superheroes 100%. Such is the case of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr is one of the kindest humans in the galaxy, and is constantly reminding us that we can all make a change. Remember that contest before the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he encouraged us to donate to Julia’s House, a children’s hospice charity in England? Or that time he teamed up with Microsoft OneNote Collective Project to present a bionic Iron Man arm to a young fan? This is why this man is my real-life hero.

Now, it was Domenic’s turn.

Domenic is a nine-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia, who is battling with cystic fibrosis. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, one of Domenic’s dreams came true: suiting up and becoming a superhero.

It all started with a call from the New South Wales Police Force about a reporter who had been kidnapped. Domenic became Iron Boy, and was flown by helicopter to police headquarters, where he was given the location of the missing reporter, Hope Joy, on a nearby island. Accompanied by his 12-year-old brother, dubbed Captain Rhodes aka War Machine, Iron Boy hopped into a boat and went straight to the island. Little did he know, he would have to battle a few of Ultron’s henchman – piece of cake for a hero like Iron Boy!

But that was not the end. Although he managed to save Hope, Iron Boy then made his way to the Sydney Opera House, where fans were waiting to watch his battle with Ultron himself. Once he defeated his nemesis, Iron Boy was given a medal of gallantry from the NSW Police.

Iron Boy, our new hero!

But that was not the end. Iron Boy’s battle caught the attention of not only Sydney natives, but of Iron Man himself too. In addition to tweeting his support, he recorded a video to Domenic in which he officially dubbed him an “honorary Avenger”. The Avengers are the luckiest team for having someone like Domenic aka Iron Boy.

Just when I thought my respect for Robert Downey Jr had reached its highest point, he proves me wrong and my love and respect for him reach new levels. The world certainly needs more people like him.

Congratulations to honorary Avenger, Domenic! You are a real-life superhero, with and without your armour.