What We Do In The Shadows Spin-Off Film Gets The Best Punny Title Ever

Credit: Madman Entertainment
Credit: Madman Entertainment

If you haven’t seen the hilarious New Zealand comedy What We Do In The Shadows, then stop reading this article and go see it now.

Co-written and directed by by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement, the mockumentary film spoofs all the tried and true vampire cliches. It’s a fantastic movie, and a definite must for fans of vampire fare. Heck, even if you don’t like vampires, then it’s a great comedy alone.

(It’s a huge part of the reason why I’m so excited to see Waititi at the helm for Thor: Ragnarok.)

For those fans who already love the film, the news that Waititi and Clement are making a spin-off film should great to hear. Not much is known about the project, except that it is happening, the title, and the monster.

In an interview with Crave Online, Waititi said:  “It’s going to be called We’re Wolves, like ‘We are wolves’. We’re Wolves.” 

We’re WolvesWerewolves? Get it. Huh? Huh?

Puns! Seriously, A-plus pun usage you guys.

Originally, the film was going to be a short called What We Do In The Moonlight. It looks like things changed, and We’re Wolves is going to be a full length film.

Previously, Waititi talked about the idea and said: “We’d be following the werewolves around, watching how their wives chain them up at night. You know, on those special occasions.”

In order to see the humor that you all are in for, you all should check out the trailer for What We Do In The Shadows below.

There’s no date for We’re Wolves release, but it would no doubt come after Thor: Ragnarok has wrapped up.

Bec Heim