The Ice Nation Is Coming In This Week’s The 100

Credit: Jason Rothenberg
Credit: Jason Rothenberg

Well there are only three more days until The 100 season 3 premiere and I cannot wait. I feel like we have been waiting an eternity for it’s return and if the rumors are true, this season will not disappoint.

To make getting through today a little easier, The CW has released another promo with new footage for this week’s episode, and it’s looking good. Check it out below:

So, it’s our first look at Arkadia and the jeep! It seems that Raven got the jeep working, and the whole crew is in tow – well, except Wick. Where is Wick? We have not seen him in a single promo and this worries me a little –he better be alive.

The promo is a long one, and it shows somethinsg we already knew: farm station made it to the ground and Monty is about to be reunited with his mother – which is adorable and I cannot wait! However, these Arkers have had a vastly different experience than our delinquents, they call themselves the Grounder Killers. It also doesn’t help that Bellamy decides to break protocol and go into Ice Nation territory. This is how wars are started, have we not learned this yet? Invading someone’s territory is probably not the best idea.

Meanwhile, it seems that Murphy thinks Jaha has lost his mind and is not buying what A.L.I.E. is selling. Is anyone? Apparently, Rothenberg states that the work she has to do has something to do with the missile in her house, but it is not what it seems. What else, but mass destruction, can be done with a missile? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Get prepared delinquents The 100 is coming!

Remember, The 100 premieres Thursday, January 21st on the CW.

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