Take A Step In: New Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Sanctum Sanctorum

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

You probably already recovered from last week’s Doctor Strange madness with the first look at Benedict Cumberbatch in costume and many more details that were revealed (thank you, Entertainment Weekly).

Now I am here to get you back to the hole of feels because that what friends do – especially Marvel friends.

There are a bunch of questions regarding this movie, as Marvel has been especially secretive with this one. Setting aside all our questions about characters, one of the biggest mysteries is about Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

In comicverse, Stephen Strange lives in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village, in a three-story townhouse. This is the Sanctum Sanctorum, and it’s located in 177A Bleecker Street (there goes a piece of trivia). The Sanctum even served as the headquarters of the New Avengers and also the headquarters of the Defenders. Everything makes sense.

This place is pretty much a fortress, as it is mystically warded against supernatural intruders because it contains various magical artifacts. It’s a key element in Strange’s mythology.

Kevin Feige has previously confirmed the Sanctum will appear in the movie, and among the pieces of concept art that were released by EW last week, was one from Strange’s place. That piece showed some of the objects the Sanctum keeps, but Marvel has released one more image that shows a key detail from this place: the Seal of the Vishanti.

Comic book lovers will surely remember this symbol appears in the skylight of the Sanctum, and it looks like Marvel is keeping this detail for the movie. Bless.

Anyone else loving the dark vibe from all these images?

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange will introduce us to Stephen Strange, a renowned neurosurgeon who, after a horrific accident which shattered his hands, is unable to keep performing surgery. Looking for alternative ways to heal, he comes across with the Ancient One, who after a few tests, realizes Strange is worthy of learning the mystic arts. Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, and will come across with some of the most dangerous forces from the Marvel Universe.

The cast and crew are currently shooting in London, and they are expected to finish in March.

Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson, will be out on November 4th.