Sherlock Season 4 – Don’t Start Any Countdown Clocks Just Yet

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So, have we all watched and rewatched the Sherlock spesh “The Abominable Bride”? Well, lap it up, fellow Sherlock fans, because that is all we are getting for A WHILE.

On the most recent 2016 TCA winter press tour, as reported on, PBS president Paula Kreger ‘revealed’ that “We do have the next Sherlock announced, that is coming up about a year from now”. Talk about saying something without saying anything at all.

We’ve known it wouldn’t be any earlier than 2017 since around the time the Sherlock spesh was announced.¬†We at 4YE reported in December¬†that Series 4 was in the process of being written. Schedules being what they are for the cast and crew (Cumberbatch in Nepal as Dr Strange, anyone?), production/filming of this next series doesn’t begin until April of this year. We know we’re back to a 3-episode season, at 90 minutes each, so each of them is going to take time.

Then there’s post, not just editing, and composing the music, followed by an adequate time to promote the beast as it nears completion and becomes a product in its own right… in other words, it could only be 2017 for a proper run-up. We are the fandom that waits, after all.

Also, “about a year”, what does that even meeeeeeeeean? This time next year? Next spring? Further, although the airing of “The Abominable Bride” special aligned across both sides of the Atlantic, that does not necessarily mean that the new season will. PBS viewers are used to a few months delay for their popular programmes (case in point: Downton Abbey), so just because North American viewers might be getting it in or around T-52 weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean that will be the case for those lucky ducks in the UK. Even if the date (read: year) stays 2017, the BBC might decide on first dibs and depending on how PBS’s 2016/17 schedule develops and continues to develop, they might not have room (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t already have time earmarked, ‘just in cases’) – Kreger did ‘announce’ it after all. Really, it’s all tentative and speculative at best and we officially know NOTHING.

And the waiting continues.

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