Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple To Have Major Role In Marvel’s Luke Cage

Credit: Marvel/Netflix
Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Everyone loves Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) from the Marvel/Netflix collaborations.

From her no nonsense attitude to her competent nurse skills to her 100% done with your superhero angst, Claire has made a place in our fan hearts. She’s the true unsung badass of these shows, and we salute you Claire for being an awesome character.

Despite being awesome, Claire has had limited appearances in the Marvel/Netflix collabs. She was there for a few episodes in Daredevil and was in one episode for Jessica Jones. That’s pretty much been it.

This will all change in the next new Marvel/Netflix show, Luke Cage.

In an interview IGN, star Mike Colter confirmed that Claire Temple will have a pretty big role on the show.

He said: “She’s going to serve a very significant part of the Luke Cage story. Not overwhelmingly so, but you will definitely be satisfied with the amount of screen time you see. … I can’t speak to episode count, but you’re definitely going to see her. She’s definitely going to be someone that’s going to have a large storyline and help out a lot.”

Woohoo! More Claire!

Now for those of you scratching your heads because Luke Cage will take place in Harlem (which is uptown of Hells Kitchen), Colter had an explanation.

He said: “Luke Cage does take place up town. It’s a different backdrop. How they get her uptown will be very unique, and you’ll see it makes sense. It’s seamless. We’re in the same city. She knows of me, obviously, from a personal standpoint, but it’ll be interesting to see because she will deal with me in a different way than she dealt with Matt Murdock. Matt Murdock’s character’s completely different from mine.” 

In comics, Claire Temple was Luke Cage’s girlfriend at one point. Eventually, Cage marries Jessica Jones. But Jessica and Luke’s relationship was left a bit ambiguous at the end of Jessica Jones.

Colter said, “Ultimately I think she’s going to be a very good companion for Luke. I think she’s someone that Luke needs in his life at this time.”

Well now I’m even more excited for Luke Cage. When does it come out again?

Bec Heim