Peggy Carter Is Back To Tricks In New Agent Carter Clip For “The Lady In The Lake”

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Agent Carter‘s second season draws closer and closer.

Our breaths are so bated that I’m surprised people around 4 Your Excitement haven’t fainted from oxygen deprivation.

There’s just so much to be excited for! We’re still drooling over the absolutely gorgeous promo photos, and we can’t stop our speculation of what will come in this season.

Needless to say, we’re all pretty amped up to see what will come from Peggy and the gang in this season.

With a new clip from Marvel, we get a little taste of what will soon be on our screens.

In a clip for the first episode “The Lady in the Lake”, we see Agent Carter and new LA Chief Sousa try to get into Isodyne Energy without a warrant.

The astute receptionist asks to see the warrant, which they don’t have. Instead, Peggy ends up asking to use the restroom leaving Sousa to flirt with the receptionist as a distraction. Peggy, in her Peggy way, gets stuff done.

God I love her.

We also get our first look at her love interest for the season, Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin). Who asks her if she wants be thunderstruck? Much to Peggy’s confusion.

I squealed a little bit.

We have also learned about a serial killer running around, which always means a good time on these shows.

I know that I may have talked about the Agent Carter costume department dozens of times but…

Agent Carter costume department deserves to win all of the awards! I am dying for Peggy’s look. It’s so retro and functional. I am dying of want.

Well this new clip, we can considered our appetites whetted for now.

Though if we can last until Tuesday? I remain uncertain.

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