John Barrowman Shares His Thoughts On Doctor Who Showrunner Changes

John Barrowman Shares His Thoughts On Doctor Who Showrunner Changes
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The Whovian world was rocked last week when it was announced that Steven Moffat was stepping down as the showrunner of Doctor Who. Moffat is slated to hand over the reigns of the long running sci-fi drama after its tenth season, which is currently slated to end in Spring 2017.

Taking over Moffat’s duties is current Broadchurch scribe and showrunner Chris Chibnall. Chibnall has experience in the Who-verse, having previously written quite a few episodes. Chibnall not only wrote for Doctor Who but also Torchwood, which featured the talents of John Barrowman and his character from the Who-verse, Captain Jack Harkness. Chibnall is said to have written quite a bit in reference to Captain Jack.

The news of the shakeups and changes has made its round the world, and Barrowman recently commented about Chibnall’s takeover and what it means to him. The actor was at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey when he was asked about the changes.

“Good luck to Steve [Moffat] and Chris Chibnall,” Barrowman said during a panel. “Apparently he is coming back in? Which is really ironic because before Christmas I wrote to Chris Chibnall and said ‘I would love for you to be the showrunner on this new script that I have written and might be picked up.’ And he didn’t reply — now I know why! But yeah, Chris Chibnall, I love Chris. Chris wrote a lot for Captain Jack, so, who knows. But, I have to say, I’m an Arrow man at the moment.”

Barrowman is indeed an Arrow man, having been a part of the show since season one as its main antagonist and then being promoted to series regular in season three.

It would make many fans of Doctor Who and Torchwood very happy though if Captain Jack were back on the TV screens. Twelve and Jack in the TARDIS having adventures, with Jack’s flirty banter? Imagine the possibilities.

Doctor Who is not quite done making changes as the hunt for a new companion is a go with the departure of Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald last season.

As for Barrowman, he’s a busy man these days. It was recently announced that he’s guest starring on the CW’s Reign this spring.

Fingers will remain crossed though in hopes that Captain Jack does come back some day!

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