Jared Leto Freaked Out Director David Ayer “Big Time” On The Set Of Suicide Squad

Credit: comicbook.com

We’re all looking forward to delving deep into those bad guys in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, especially Jared Leto’s version of Batman’s ultimate nemesis, the Joker! And according to director David Ayer, we’ve got a treat in store!

Speaking to USA Today, he said, “It’s a scary character to tackle. This iteration of him, people will realise there really is a continuity of history — there is a lot of respect for what the Joker represents, who he is as a character. He is the best known villain in fiction so there’s an incredible responsibility there to also be faithful to what he is but at the same time push him into this next world, next time, next phase.”

Everyone’s heard about Leto’s kind of freaky method acting, which extended to sending some pretty gruesome gifts to his cast-mates, and Ayer said, “people kept their distance” from Leto on set … I don’t blame them!

“I love helping actors find what methodology works best for them,” Ayer continued. “It’s like tailoring a suit — it’s not one size fits all. But it really made an event when he would show up on set. There was almost a pageantry to him, which did translate into the character and the power on screen he has.”

Even Ayer himself was kinda freaked out! “Big time. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck,” he said. “If you’re a Batman fan, you have to love/hate the Joker because he’s the best nemesis ever. Just to have him on one of my film sets, it was a very memorable thing for me.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, who’s a Suicide Squad producer despite never visiting the Toronto set where Leto gave his performance, had only high praise for the man:

“The commitment to the role, you’re going to see that really shine through in a way that you’re not used to seeing actors in movies really go all the way with (in) every little moment and every little breath,” Snyder said. “You’re going to get taken on a journey with Jared that I don’t know that everyone’s ready for but I think it will be amazing.”

I guess we can’t pass judgement until we see the film, but here’s the new trailer that aired last night during The Dawn of the Justice League special on The CW!

Suicide Squad hits cinemas August 5th.

Sneh Rupra