Is It Time For Dark Archer 2.0?: An Evil Tommy Merlyn Could Be Heading to The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

If you’ve been following our articles on Arrow, and its ever-growing universe, you might have noticed that we don’t take too lightly to our favorite characters dying. One death in particular we can’t seem to get over: Thomas Merlyn.

The son of Malcolm Merlyn and best friend to Oliver Queen left us in the season one finale of Arrow after being killed in the Undertaking. Since then, actor Colin Donnell has found his way back into the series in its famous flashbacks. He was once present in Hong Kong to look for his best friend, after Oliver accessed his email account. In another episode, we saw Oliver return to Starling City where he kept a close eye on his best friend.

But for someone who is slightly obsessed with Tommy Merlyn these incidents are not enough. Now we’re always looking for ways to bring him back (we’re still upset Malcolm refused to use the Lazarus Pit on his son), but it is Colin Donnell who has come up with a pretty great idea himself.

In an interview with TVLine the actor talked about his new gig Chicago Med, the possibility of joining NBC’s live-action Hairspray musical and –most importantly – good old Tommy Merlyn. When it comes to the idea of having Tommy join Legends of Tomorrow, as it involves time travel, Donnell says he is “all down for it” and that he “would be so happy to be back on Arrow or on Legends of Tomorrow, in whatever capacity.” We can certainly agree with that.

He then continues by giving us the best (and the worst) idea ever: “There’s got to be something where an evil Tommy pops up,” Colin says. “I want him to be totally different than what he was before.” Now the idea of an alternate version of precious Tommy Merlyn in which he goes dark? Where do we sign?

Now it’s TVLines Vlada Gelman who comes up with the fantastic idea of bringing Tommy Merlyn to The Flash. The Arrow spin-off has recently introduced Earth-2, a second reality.  It is not rare that characters from the shows cross over into the others terrain, so why not have an evil Tommy show up to wreak havoc? Donnell is definitely on board already: “Yes! That would be amazing! We need to talk to [executive producers] Marc [Guggenheim] and Andrew [Kreisberg]. How do we make this happen?”

However there is one factor that will make future appearances of Tommy on Arrow or any other show in its universe a little difficult. “I need a day off from Med first…“, explains Donnell. “I’ve always said, any time they’ve got stuff for me, if it works out with the schedule, I would love to come back, and even more so now. I haven’t felt like I’ve left the family in any way.”

The fanfiction practically writes itself! It would definitely take a while to get used to an evil Tommy, but we would all love to have Merlyn Jr. back. Unfortunately, we have to wait and see if scheduling gets in the way of resurrecting this favorite. One thing we would like to add is that Colin Donnell’s characters never seem to make it into the second season of a show alive (Tommy and Scotty might be sharing a beer in heaven right about now). Keep that in mind, folks.

Arrow returns tomorrow, January 21 at 8/7 ct on The CW.

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