Good People For Good Place: Kristen Bell And Ted Danson To Headline New Comedy From NBC

Kristen Bell

It looks as though NBC is ready to dip into the sitcom world again with a new project from Mike Schur.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported the creator of Parks and Recreation has tapped comedy veteran Ted Danson and the hilarious Kristen Bell to star in Good Place, which was picked up straight to series.

Bell will play leading lady Eleanor, who struggles between right and wrong, good and bad. After some deep thought, Eleanor realizes she has not been the best person ever, and she must atone for her past. She decides to right her wrongs and turn over a new leaf – to get herself to a good place (get it?).

Danson comes in as Michael, Eleanor’s unlikely guide to her new ‘best self,’ if you will. He will be her instructor in a real life self help course.

The show already has a 13-episode order, and with a cast like that, is sure to be a hit! It will be a much-needed breath of fresh air for NBC, who is currently lacking in the comedy department. With crowd favorites like 30 Rock and Parks and Rec off the air in recent years, and a noticeably small presence at this year’s Golden Globes, NBC could use a turnaround.

With this announcement come a few questions, specifically those regarding Bell’s and Danson’s current standings. Bell stars in Showtime’s House of Lies and will not be giving up one gig for the other; she will play on both shows. Danson, on the other hand, will make his departure form CBS’ CSI: Cyber in order to star in Good Place.

We at 4YE are looking forward to Good Place. More importantly, we are craving some more entertainment from Mike Schur! With Bell and Danson along for the ride, we are not worried.

Good Place will premiere later this year.

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