Frank Grillo Talks The Purpose of Crossbones In Captain America: Civil War

Credit: Marvel

Wizard World New Orleans took place this past weekend and one of the most anticipated panels was that of Captain America: Civil War, with the Russo brothers and part of the (extensive) cast, including one our main baddies: Crossbones, played by Frank Grillo.

In the Civil War comic series, Crossbones and a hypnotised Sharon Carter kill Captain America, but dont’ worry: it’s highly unlikely that we will see this on the big screen (the closest thing could be one of those typical Marvel moves of “he died but not really”).

In the MCU, we met Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he ended up severely burned, making way to his transformation into Crossbones.

Was Grillo conscious of the actions of his character in comic-verse and the importance he would have in the MCU when he signed for Winter Soldier?

Answer: Yes.

“When we sat down with Marvel, they knew it was an origin story. They weren’t quite sure where they wanted to take Crossbones but they knew they wanted Crossbones in some of these films but they definitely knew that that’s where they were going with the character” Frank Grillo told

Grillo went on to explain how he prepared for the character, even going to the ultimate Crossbones source: Ed Brubaker.

“Before I got the job, I started doing some research and I was like ‘Oh, this guy’s a bad-ass! I don’t know if I’m gonna live but I want to be that guy’. I spoke to Brubaker, who created Crossbones. He’s a great dude and I got some of the back issues and stuff and read the origins of Crossbones and where he came from. The thing with Marvel is they don’t always follow to the tee what the character did in the comic books. They use him in different ways. You never know what’s gonna happen. I know Crossbones in the comics kind of offs Cap at some point and we’re probably not gonna see that happen. I’m not gonna kill him yet”, Grillo explained.

So, what will be Crossbones’ business in Civil War?

Grillo said: “Winter Soldier let off and I was in bad shape. I was just about to kill the Falcon – which is not hard. I think revenge is a big part of… Whatever Rumlow was feeling as far as being torn between which side he should be on, which I think he was, is gone now. I think he’s out for one thing and one thing only and that’s to revenge what’s happened to him.”

Sounds fair but it’s going to be horrible for all Captain America and Falcon fans (as someone who loves these three characters, I’m experimenting a really weird mix of feelings).

But hey, will this be the last time we come across with Rumlow? Or will there be more? Honestly, it’s too early to know.

“Unlike being Captain America or one of the other superheroes who are absolutely essential for the stories, you never know with the villains. They could use you, they could not use you, you know. You sign on for a few movies and if they wanna use you, I’m available”, Grillo said.

As much as I love the sight of Frank Grillo kicking ass on the big screen, seeing Crossbones in three movies could not be the best move, as the audience might grow tired of him and want other villains to have their chance. Whatever happens, I will enjoy every second of Crossbones in Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War will be out on May 6th.