“Childish Things” Must Be Put Away On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hey Supergirl fans!

This week, we’re going to get some greater insight in Winn’s character. Because I’m gonna be honest with you guys, he desperately needs it. I love Jeremy Jordan, but so far all Winn has been defined by is in his crush on Kara. He desperately needs some development.


So let’s get to it.

The Toyman’s Son: In some kind of super-max prison, a couple of guards take dinner to a prisoner. He has the creepy doll from Goosebumps in his room and is on the floor. The prisoner, of course, escapes and the guards are all killed by shuriken yo-yos. At Catco, Winn turns off a news report about the Toyman’s escape. Special Agent Cameron Chase comes in to question Winn, but he says that he hasn’t been in contact with his father. In a subsequent conversation with Kara, Winn gives his dad’s backstory: repressed toy inventor whose boss stole his designs, sent a teddy bear bomb to said boss, but the bomb was opened by the assistant and killed her and five others. Winn reveals that his Dad did contact him to Kara about meeting at a special place. Kara tells him to tell the FBI, who set up a takedown when Winn goes to meet him. Winn Sr. tells him that they can be a family again, but Winn begs his dad to turn himself in. The FBI goes to take down Toyman, but it turns out it was some kind of holographic thing. When the FBI shoots at it, stuffed elephants release poison gas which Supergirl sucks up and blows away in the air. Winn says that they are going to kill his dad, and he may hate him but doesn’t want him dead. Kara promises to help because Winn is her friend.

Supergirl v The Toyman: Kara goes to the abandoned toy warehouse where Winn Sr is hiding out. She begs him to turn himself in for Winn’s sake, but Winn Sr says that this all for Winn’s sake. He tricks her into thermite laced quicksand, and makes her think he has a child about to go into a wood chipper. Kara escapes, but the “child” turns out to be a doll. Winn wants to hand him over to the FBI: death be damned. He tells Kara that there was something rotten inside of his dad. What if there is something bad in him too? (If this is setting up a turn of villainy for Winn, then I am for this.) Kara says that she and Winn had both of their worlds taken away, but they are trying to give back. Winn tries kiss Kara, but she pulls back. Winn leaves and his father kidnaps him. Winn Sr. says that they are going to take revenge on his boss because he stole Winn’s childhood from him. Agent Chase thinks that Winn Jr and Sr are working together, but it turns out that Winn Sr has blackmailed Winn into being an assassin for him with bombs in the center. Winn doesn’t shoot the guy, and when the FBI tries to shoot Winn Supergirl stops them. Winn tells her about the bombs in the convention center, and Kara constructs an ice wall to protect the people from the bomb blast.

Winn and Kara: In the aftermath of his father’s rampage, Winn plays video games. Kara tries to continue on as if things are normal, but Winn says that they aren’t. He tells Kara that he is in love with, but it’s clear that Kara doesn’t feel the same way. Winn pretty much implies that their friendship cannot be sustained on just friendship alone. Kara leaves him to his game.

James and Lucy: Cat offers Lucy a job as her general counsel. Lucy wants to take it, but James doesn’t seem so enthused by it. In actuality, it’s because he misses being out in the world and working with his camera.

Infiltration Of Lord: Kara and J’onn (in Martian form) do some flight training together with Alex watching. Kara tells J’onn that he should be more open about who he really is, but J’onn says he can do more good as Hank Henshaw. At the DEO, J’onn and Alex talk about him using his powers. He tells her that he has been using his powers too much. Alex tells him that he can be a hero like Kara. J’onn points out that Kara is a cute blonde girl and he’s an eight-foot-tall alien. He’s been hunted down for 50 years, and doesn’t want to go through the experience. Still Alex convinces him to use his powers so they can find out what Lord is hiding, while she distracts Lord on a date. J’onn disguises himself as Lord and finds Bizarro in the room. When a guard comes in, he cannot escape with her. Unfortunately, he has to erase the guard’s memories as well…all of his memories. He tells Alex that he cannot do that again and clearly feels immense guilt for what happened. Lord knows about the break-in, but he doesn’t see who it was.

Infiltration of the Danvers: When the Danvers sisters have a moment together, we see Lord watching them. He now knows Supergirl’s identity.

Bec Heim