“Blood Bonds” Us All In Supergirl’s Return Episode

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back, friends, to Supergirl!

Thankfully, we had a relatively short and sweet hiatus from our favorite superhero. So now we get to drop right back into the chaos left from the previous episode.

If you need to be refreshed before reading this recap, then check it out here.

Now let’s get started, shall we?!

Blood Bonds Us All: Kara and Non beat the ever-loving hell out of each other in mid-air before they crashed down to Earth. Non tells her that she is as weak as any human. He holds Henshaw captive and flies away with him. Alex tries to look around, but Lord tells her otherwise saying he can defend himself. Alex Danvers is named Director. Kara goes in to see if Astra can tell her where Hank is. She calls Kara the true heir to the House of El and says that blood bonds them. But Kara argues that blood bonds everyone together. Astra says that she has chosen her side.

Race To Save Henshaw: Non calls Alex to arrange a prisoner exchange between Hank and Astra. Alex is reluctant to hand over a war criminal, even for her boss. Of course, that choice is taken from her hands when General Lane appears with a note from the President saying he is in charge. Hank, meanwhile, is clearly wishing he was eight feet tall and green to kick Non’s butt. He says Non doesn’t have the stones to kill him, so Non kills some random telepathic alien as proof. In order to get the necessary information, he tortures Astra with liquid Kryptonite. She gives up a location, but it turns out to a trap with a bomb. Everyone but Kara, Alex, and a random soldier are blown up. After her talk with James and Winn, Kara comes Astra with a cooler head. She says that hope can help advance Astra’s cause, not fear. Astra says that the only way she will get Henshaw is if the trade happens but the humans will never agree to it. Kara says that it’s a good thing she isn’t human. Despite General Lane’s objection (and he was the only one objecting because the soldier Kara saved gets everyone to stand down), they take Astra to the prisoner exchange which goes smoothly until a bunch of Kryptonians show up at Non’s orders. Astra is surprised by this and Alex tells Henshaw to transform, which Kara hears, but Astra calls it off. She says this isn’t a show of weakness, and Kara says it could be a start. After General Lane is dismissed, Kara asks what Alex meant by transform and she learns about Henshaw’s true identity as J’onn J’onzz.

In The Past: Alura speaks at Astra and Non’s trial saying that while blood bonds them, it can blind them. She has realized how blind she has become to her sister’s actions in this unknown attack on Krypton. She sentences her sister and brother-in-law to life on Fort Roz. Non screams that Alura has doomed the entire planet, including her daughter. After he is beamed, Astra and Alura have a moment. Alura telling her sister that she believes her, but cannot abide by her methods. She promises Astra that she will fight for her cause.

Lord’s Up To Something: Lord says the attack was some kind of strange corporate espionage. Naturally, everyone realizes that means something is up. James dusts off his press credentials and goes to do some snooping. Lord, however, cuts him off at the pass. He says that he has essentially betrayed the human race by choosing his side. James says that he just reports the news, but leaves the premises without any answers. He enlists Winn into helping break into Lord’s facility with Winn being the man behind the curtain. And then James gets knocked out by Lord’s goons. Lord tries to find out about Winn’s involvement, and starts torturing James from the information. He then destroys camera and threatens to kill him next time. Kara sees James’ face and gets upset enough to go to attack Lord, but Winn and James talk her down from going to beat him up.

Keep Cat Grant Off The Trail: Kara tells Winn and James to play it super normal because Cat suspects she is Supergirl. (Seriously. Just tell her.) Cat calls Kara into her office, and interrogates her in her Cat Grant way. She asks various questions about Kara’s past, which she answers all of them. This convinces Cat that Kara is Supergirl because no one knows that much about themselves. So it is clear that Kara was trained to lie and no a backstory front to back. In her backwards Cat way, she tells Kara that she doesn’t feel right keeping from hero-ing. So she can either convince Cat she isn’t Supergirl or clear out her desk. Kara goes to see Cat the next day and tells her that she loves her job here and what she has learned. Kara, however, cannot tell Cat she is Supergirl and quits from CatCo. “Supergirl” comes to visit Cat at her office, coincidentally at the same time as Kara. Finally, Cat has her proof that Kara isn’t Supergirl so she can keep her job.

The Wrap Up: On the roof, “Supergirl” is revealed to be J’onn who is happy to do the favor. The pair of them talk about the things that keep them human: the DEO for him and CatCo for her. Afterwards, a concerned Clark messages Kara to see how she is doing and if she needs help. She assures him that she is fine and promises to call if she needs it. Meanwhile, we see that Lord has delved into human experimentation on an anonymous blonde girl. Could this be Bizarro Supergirl? Your guess is as good as mine.

Supergirl is off next week. So come back January 18th to see what happens next!

Bec Heim