Arrow’s Stephen Amell And John Barrowman Delight Fans By Singing “Music of the Night”


Credit: The CW

It has to be said that Arrow‘s cast is full of a bunch of wonderfully talented actors and actresses. Many of them have apparently hidden talents, as displayed recently at the Heroes and Villians Fan Fest that was held this past weekend.

While most of the East Coast was bracing themselves for Winter Storm Jonas, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, and John Barrowman, who plays super villain Malcolm Merlyn, decided that the snow wasn’t going to keep them from hanging out with fans. Both of the actors made to the fan fest despite the crazy weather and had a great time with the fans that were able to attend.

The two actors teamed up for an impromptu musical session while stranded at the convention. Amell treated fans to his rendition of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” from the film Frozen as Barrowman joined in by pretending to be the Elsa to his Anna.

Then the pair teamed up to sing “Music Of The Night” from Phantom of the Opera. The duet turned out to be quite epic as Amell turned out to have quite the set of pips. Barrowman is known for his singing abilities but Amell was quite the surprise. Also surprising but delightful nonetheless was the kiss the fellas shared at the end of the song.

Between this performance and the background of some of the other actors on both Arrow and The Flash (we’re looking at you, Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin), we vote that the next crossover episode be a musical one. Maybe Felicity has a dream while recuperating that everyone breaks out in song? We’d watch that!

Check out Barrowman and Amell’s delightful musical stylings below!

You can catch Arrow Wednesday nights at 8pm/7pm c on the CW.

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