Agent Carter Bosses Tease Peggy’s Changing Arc In Season Two

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Tomorrow, we will get to see our beloved kickass agent, Peggy Carter, return to our screens.

Rapture can only begin to describe the joy I am feeling for this. I missed seeing Peggy on the screen, and getting that hard won second season only feels like a major win.

Not only that, but Peggy has gone through growth of her own. She’s no longer the same person she was and has grieved for Steve Rogers. So hopefully going to sunny L.A. will only help with her moving on.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Agent Carter bosses Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters discussed Peggy’s arc for season two.

Fazekas said: “The other theme of the season — again we took a page from a film noir storytelling — so if you think of a movie like Chinatown, and Jack Nicholson starts out very cynical and above it all. He’s a private investigator and not really getting involved in his cases. By the end of that movie he is so involved and so personally invested that he doesn’t care about himself, he doesn’t care about anything else, he just wants to do the right thing. We almost have a reverse story with Peggy, because Peggy’s always very idealistic and her perfect ideal is Captain America, where he was always doing the right thing, always a good person, and she expects that from herself and expects that from other people. As she goes through this season, she starts to uncover the corruption, even within her own organization. With cynicism, she can see that not everybody around me is a good person. It makes her make decisions that you don’t necessarily expect her to make. We send her on an interesting journey in that way.”

I do like the idea that the corruption that will become evident in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is being addressed now. I’m curious to see how it could have grown under Peggy’s watchful gaze in the interim time.

Not only will Peggy’s outlook will change, but so will her social life.

The next question was asked about Peggy’s new love interest Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin).

Butters said: “He’s African-American. He is a scientist at Isodyne, which is the company that Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick own. He gets swept up into Peggy’s investigation, and through the process of that, we see what it’s like if two people — one being white, one being African-American in 1947 — were to be seen together. We portray a real place, which is the Dunbar Hotel, which was a very famous jazz club, a place where both African-Americans and Caucasians would come listen to jazz. We address these issues and explain it along the way. We do encounter racism in the show. We also encounter why Jason, who has so little opportunity at this time, may be picked for his job by this company. It was an interesting thing to explore. Peggy, of all people, could understand his predicament. ”

I do like that Agent Carter does go there in terms of the problems of the period. It would feel disingenuous otherwise, and I am excited to see the budding romance between Peggy and Jason.

We also learn a bit more about the Big Bad for this season: Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) aka Madame Masque.

Fazekas said about the character: “The big bad is Whitney Frost, who’s played by Wynn Everett. What I like about how we told the story this season is that we see her from the beginning. We see her go from just a person who’s manipulative. The relationship she has with her husband is more of a Lady Macbeth, where she’s manipulative a genius who operates from behind the scenes. You see her become a villain. We also tell some of her backstory in episode 4. We actually compare and contrast her and Peggy, like how do these two women, who are similar in many ways — they’re both very smart, strong women — end up in very different places in their life. We see her become our version of Madame Masque. We somewhat based her on the actress Hedy Lamarr, who in addition to being this very glamorous actress was also an inventor. We took a page from that and put that into our Madame Masque character.”

I do like that Madame Masque is a Lady Macbeth character. You have to love Lady Macbeth, who knew how to manipulate events just so and is one of the greatest villains ever written.

It definitely sounds like there is a lot to be excited for in Agent Carter tomorrow night. I’m just happy that the show is finally here!

Agent Carter premieres tomorrow night at 9pm EST.

Bec Heim