A “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Arrives On The Scene In This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Happy Supergirl day, folks!

This week we get an episode that will primarily focus on J’onn J’onzz! Yay. Poor J’onn had a rough time last week, having to make some poor guy’s brain into pudding and all.

Also Maxwell Lord (aka Diet Luthor) has found out Supergirl’s identity. Why? Because no one thought to check Alex’s handbag for a wire at the DEO.

We get to meet Adam this week, too! With Greg Berlanti continuing his tradition of taking Glee actors and giving them much better material to work with.

Anyway, let’s get down to business with this week’s episode!

The Anti-Alien Senator: Senator Miranda Crane is in town and is hosting an anti-alien rally. While Cat Grant hates bigots, she needs the clickbait. So with the DEO playing FBI and doing guard duty, James takes his camera and goes to the rally to get some pictures and a quote. The rally is, unsurprisingly, attacked by an alien and havoc is wrought. Luckily James has adapted his Superman watch to call for Kara. Supergirl comes, but the alien has made off with the Senator. Kara finds the Senator in an underground parking garage, alone. And they take her to the DEO, where she shows her anti-alien beliefs that wins her no friends. Looking over James’ pictures, Kara realizes that the White Martian took Senator Crane’s form. With her form revealed, the White Martian escapes from the DEO. Later, they search the sewers for her but she tricked them again. In the ensuing struggle the White Martian kidnaps Alex as leverage to lure J’onn out. After her ordeal of being an alien’s hostage and being saved by one, the legit Senator Crane has changed her tune about aliens and will not be painting them all with the same brush.

The Tragedy of J’onn J’onzz: J’onn shares with Alex and Kara that he knows the alien they are dealing with. It’s a White Martian. He tells Kara that she will have to bring in the White Martian in order to keep his cover in tact. He also cannot use his powers. Otherwise, the White Martian would know its him. After the White Martian escapes, J’onn is ready for its blood and he ends up telling Alex the terrible tale. The race committed genocide of the Green Martians, which are J’onn’s people. Amongst those slaughtered was J’onn’s wife and two daughters. J’onn wants to kill the White Martian and then die himself. After a tense battle between the White Martian, J’onn J’onzz, and Supergirl, J’onn handcuffs Kara with the Kryptonite cuffs. Kara and Alex together are able to convince J’onn not to kill the White Martian and bring her in instead. They lock the White Martian down, who promises that there are more like her that will come for her. Kara says to let them come. After this, J’onn tells Alex and Kara his daughters’ names: Kim and Tanya, and that any person would be proud to be their father.

The Regrets Of Cat Grant: Without her boss knowing, Kara sends a letter to her son Adam Foster (Glee’s Blake Jenner). Unknowingly, Kara runs into Adam while getting Cat’s breakfast at the café. Adam covertly asks about Cat Grant, and Kara responds in her usual optimistic way. Naturally though, she is surprised when Adam shows up in Cat’s office. Although no one is more surprised than Cat, who apparently didn’t even write all of the letter. Kara finished it and sent it to Adam in hopes of helping bridge their relationship. Cat is naturally pissed and tries to fire Kara, but Kara is able to save her neck from the chopping block. Kara tells Cat to be honest with Adam, but she ends up kind of blowing it. Adam wants an apology or something from her, but Cat is still holding back. It goes about as well as you can imagine. After the disastrous dinner, Cat calls Kara and says that she wasn’t prepared for the dinner. Kara promises to fix things and tracks Adam down at his hotel. Through their conversation, Adam realized that Kara wrote the letter. Eventually, Kara is able to convince him to go and see Cat. He has a caveat, however, she comes with them. Using Kara as a mediator, Cat and Adam are able to talk to each other. Shockingly, honesty is what works. Cat expresses her regret over never being Adam’s “mom” and Adam expresses his anger over feeling like she abandoned him for her career. At the end of the conversation, the pair of them look ready to try for a relationship.

A New Ship Into The Station: With Winn making Kara feeling bad for not returning his feelings for her. (Guys. Do not do this to girls. Seriously.) Adam decides to show some initative and be honest with Kara. He tells Cat that he likes her, and Cat seems all for it. Kara also seem genuinely interested in Adam as well. He asks her out. She says yes. Yay!

Beginning Of Bizarro: As Alex and Kara watch TV and eat ice cream, a report comes in about Supergirl saving some kind of car wreck. Since it’s Breaking News and Kara’s there, however, it’s clearly not here. Bizarro’s on the scene folks!

Bec Heim