A Golden Globe And News Of A New Album: 2016 Is Looking Very Good For Gaga

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Last night was a great night for fans of Lady Gaga. Not only did their idol take home her first ever acting award at Sunday night’s (January 10) Golden Globes, but during her interview with reporters backstage, she revealed news about a new album.

Gaga has won rave reviews for her performance as The Countess in Hotel, the latest season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. A cool, calm operator that rules over the Hotel Cortez, Gaga oozes old school charm, wicked sass, and that slight touch of danger where you never just know what she’ll do next, it was no surprise that she was honoured by the Hollywood Foreign Press for the role.

With rumours of Gaga starring in the sixth season of the horror anthology series coming out even before the fifth season started airing, this win has almost certainly ensured that if she wants to come back, she will be back. In any capacity she chooses. While she revealed during her acceptance speech that she wanted to be an actress long before she wanted to be a singer, her fans are also eager for a new album and with it, a new world tour.

Well it looks like their prayers might have been answered as Gaga announced that a new album will be coming out later this year.

“You know, I am putting out an album this year. I won’t tell you when!” reports Entertainment Weekly from the Gaga backstage press conference.

The as-yet-untitled album will be her fifth studio album and her first original record since Artpop in 2013. Known for her constantly changing style, tone, and inspirations, she was questioned about the feel of this new album.

“That’s a difficult thing to say as I don’t know that you yet know what I will look like for my next album, as I’m still creating all of those things. It’s something that is a gradual change always with me,” she said. “What was nice about playing The Countess is it reminded me that in my own life and in my music, I’m always — at times — playing a character, and I become them fully. And living inside of her was liberating, I’ll tell you, because she doesn’t give a sh– about anything.”

Whatever the “look” the new album ends up with, you can be sure it will be loud, in your face, emblematic, and no doubt another huge hit for the singer/actor. Plus the promos will be out of this world.

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