4 Your Consideration: Let’s Talk About Rey’s Weapon In Episode VII…

Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Spoilers for The Force Awakens follow

One of the earliest rumours to hit the Internet about Star Wars: The Force Awakens was that Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber – the one he lost when Vader cut off his hand – would play a role. No one quite figured out just what that role would be in advance of the film, but sure enough the lightsaber factored in, stashed away in Maz Kanata’s secret basement until it was discovered by Rey. As we now know, the lightsaber was refused by Rey, scooped up by Finn (hence the deliberately misleading film poster), ultimately picked up again by Rey, and in the end offered up by Rey to Luke. And it’s that last bit that seems a little odd.

With Rey the heir apparent to the Jedi legacy, it seemed pretty perfect for a little bit that she wound up with Luke’s original weapon. But now it seems more than likely that she’ll give it up. After all, it’d be a little bit strange if the unseen ending of the dramatic final shot to The Force Awakens were Luke saying, “No, thank you, you keep it.” Then again, we never really know. But for the sake of speculation, here are some of the rumours and ideas going around about what sort of lightsaber Rey will wind up fighting with (assuming she does in fact use one).

She Gets The Green One

Many may recall Luke casting his green lightsaber – the one he built himself – aside after the Emperor nearly persuaded him to take it up and turn to the dark side. But as we’re reminded by Wookiepedia’s Star Wars information base, Luke actually retrieved this lightsaber when all was said and done. That means that even though Rey is dutifully returning the original to him, he’s presumably got one of his own also. It could well be that Luke embraces his original lightsaber like an old friend and hands off the green one that helped him defeat the Empire to Rey.

She Keeps The Blue One

Again, it seems bizarre for Rey to hold onto the blue one given how Episode VII ended, but there’s something to be said for the iconic status of Luke’s very first lightsaber. It’s the first sword we saw wielded by the original mystery hero plucked from a desert planet and thrust into a battle of good vs. evil. It’s probably the single most recognisable item from the Star Wars saga to people around the world. In fact, according to Lottoland’s magazine post about famous cinema memorabilia, a fan bought the actual prop for $240,000 at an auction! In short, it’s the lightsaber, and J.J. Abrams and Episode VIII director Rian Johnson have a chance to put it in their new hero’s hands.

Rey’s Staff Is Made Of Lightsabers

It becomes clear pretty early on in The Force Awakens that Rey knows how to handle herself in combat, because she wields a staff in Darth Maul-esque fashion. Some have suggested that the staff may actually be more than it seems, and even that it could contain lightsabers. That sounds like a silly theory, though looking at the visual evidence Bleeding Cool posted comparing the ends of the staff to past lightsabers, it’s at least worth considering. If this is the case, her weapon would be original – similar to Maul’s double-ended one, but with a longer staff only tipped with lightsaber blades on each end (which seems somewhat impractical).

Rey Gets One Just Like Maul’s

This one sort of branches off of the theory that Rey’s staff is already made of lightsabers somehow. Basically, the idea is that because she’s already conditioned to fight in a certain style with the staff, she might do better with a lightsaber made to resemble Maul’s (though certainly without red blades). This would be an intriguing move by the folks beyond the new trilogy, as a lot of fans actually loved the image and fighting style of Maul despite hating The Phantom Menace.

She Just Gets A New Colour

There will almost certainly be at least a temptation to do something new on the filmmakers’ side of things, and while a double-bladed lightsaber of some kind could be interesting, we might also see Rey get a traditional one in a different colour, as a sort of symbol of new beginnings. There’s an extensive discussion thread on Reddit in which fans are exchanging some interesting theories and proposals, and in that thread alone yellow, orange, and purple are all mentioned as possibilities based on the extended Star Wars universe (incorporating the animated shows and books).

Ultimately, we have no idea what’s coming regarding Rey’s weapon in Episode VIII, and it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll be getting any meaningful hints. Still, it’s one of the most interesting subjects for speculation following The Force Awakens.