Who Will Make it to the Strictly Final?

Strictly Come Dancing Eliminations Begin: Who Waltzed Off The Dance Floor?
Credit: BBC

Last night’s Strictly semi-final was everything we had hoped for and more. In fact, there is barely a hair’s breadth between the top three now, and while we usually have a favourite long before now, this time we really would be happy to see any one of the three lift the trophy. Let’s take a look back at last night, when each pair had two dances:

Katie and Anton:

Charleston: The judges said it wasn’t their best, and we agree. It was sloppy, out of time and really didn’t grab us. What a shame. However, the 4 from Craig was wildly unjustified. Score: 25
Waltz: Katie looked much happier in the classic ballroom hold, and the waltz was elegant and understated. Bruno didn’t like it, but we thought it suited her well. Score: 31

Jay and Aliona:

Viennese Waltz: Awww, this dance gave us goosebumps! The judges praised it but didn’t seem as sold as we were. The tenderness and devotion which Jay shows to Aliona gets us every time, and he is a stunning dancer. Score: 34
Charleston: A Doctor Who themed Charleston which was super fast, and a whole lot of fun. If you ask us, he dropped Aliona at the end, but they both swear blind it was meant to happen. Yeah, right! Still, this was just brilliant. Score: 37

Georgia and Giovanni:

Cha Cha: Poor Georgia has been really sick all week, and in the VT of training she looked awful, poor lamb. So she learned her Cha Cha in two days. With that in mind, it was not her best, but still remarkable to pull it off. Score: 33
Viennese Waltz: She looked much more comfortable in this dance, though, and our hearts melted. This was simply beautiful; full of romance, sweetness and light, and danced to utter perfection. Lovely. Score: 38

Anita and Gleb:

Foxtrot: With all the other amazing dances last night, we almost forgot to get excited about Gleb. This Foxtrot was danced well, but it wasn’t a Foxtrot. It was an American Smooth and that can’t be denied. A bit of a dumb move on Gleb’s part, really. Score: 32
Salsa: They danced the Salsa better, but it wasn’t our cup of tea. It’s a shame, because they’ve been consistently good, but we think they’ve scuppered any chance of winning. Score: 32

Kellie and Kevin:

Rumba: How do you dance a passionate and sultry rumba with someone who is one of your closest friends? Kellie didn’t find this easy, but they did well. She looked gorgeous, and though it wasn’t our favourite, we did appreciate that technically, she was very strong. Score: 34
American Smooth: Talk about saving the best ’til last! This dance had everything you could ever want. It epitomised the golden age of Hollywood and swept us away. Both Kellie and Kevin danced it perfectly and we could have watched it all night long. Score: 39

So now our leader board looks as follows:

Kellie and Kevin – 73

Jay and Aliona – 71

Georgia and Giovanni – 71

Anita and Gleb – 64

Katie and Anton – 56

Based on the table above, it really should be Katie and Anita in the dance off, since neither of them come close to the top three. But if that does happen, who will the judges choose?