This Week’s Kingdom Episode Is A “Smoker”

Credit: DirecTV
Credit: DirecTV

We open this week with a voiceover from Alvey, a la season one, and veteran fans of Kingdom pick up on it immediately: he’s back at the therapist.

Smoker: Alvey reports to his shrink that Lisa is moved out, presumably for good — she’s had enough of him, which isn’t too surprising considering his recent behavior. Alvey also admits that Sean swindled him out of his money. He laments, “I should’ve known better,” which one can’t really argue with. Meanwhile, Lisa is having some cramps and complications: she calls up her doctor, who tells her to come in. Before she leaves, though, she meets with Alicia, who we learn has her first informal fight tonight. Alicia is beyond nervous — “I just don’t want you guys to lose interest in me,” she confesses. Lisa assures her, “That’s not how we work here.” At least someone around here is taking care of each other.

Nerves: Alicia isn’t just nervous — she’s terrified. Jay visits her in her room — she’s still sleeping at the gym — and massages her back, which she tweaked. Ryan walks in and gets a little green around the eyes. Alvey wants to take the day to work with Alicia, and Ryan, alone in the sauna later with Jay, goes full diva. “Talent management,” he stresses, pissed that Alvey is prioritizing Alicia over him. We start to notice some potential cracks in his and Alicia’s budding relationship, and Jay does, too: Ryan isn’t just possessive of Alicia, he’s also convinced that he’s more worthy of professional attention than she is. Ah, there it is. Classic Wheeler arrogance.

Day Off: Jay and Ryan ditch the gym to throw an impromptu pool party at the house. Nate shows, and has a heated discussion with his ex, who urges him to stop lying about being gay. “What, your dad’s going to kick you out?” she asks, disbelieving. Nate’s face says maybe. Yikes.  Meanwhile, Jay goes out for burgers, only to discover that Christina quit her job at the fast food joint. He knows what that means. Things gets really real really fast when he raids the house and finds her heroin. But he’s not mad — teary-eyed, he asks the guys to get out, and tells Nate to stay out of the house for a while. He wants to talk to Christina alone.

Smoke Her: Alvey takes Alicia out for a walk to clear her head before the fight. They start talking about why they do what they do, and Alvey comes up with the most Alvey answer one could possibly hope for: “I like to hurt people.” It turns out Alicia is the same kind of caged beast — she destroys her opponent in the cage that night, despite her anxieties. Alvey’s proud, I’m proud, and Ryan is eating his words about Alicia deserving less training.

Things aren’t going so well back at Jay’s, though. He stages a heartbreaking intervention: to prove how damaging Christina’s addiction is to herself and to the family, he does her own heroin in front of her. Yikes.

Silent Night: In the episode’s footnote, Alvey stays late at the gym to work out, and he finally gets a call from Lisa, who’s been at the doctor all day. She leaves a voicemail. After assuring him that everything is fine, she adds, “You guessed right. It’s a boy.” Is that a tear in his eye?

Despite Christina and Jay’s unending drama — the minute he gets something together, it seems to fall apart — this episode ended almost hopefully. Might there finally be some happiness in the future of Navy St.?

Emily Suazo