There’s A #LahiriBabyMiracle On The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Here’s what you missed on this week’s The Mindy Project, aptly titled, “The Parent Trap.” This week, Mindy made some strides while caring for her first successfully pregnant patient, courtesy of the fertility clinic. “I’m not a fraud! Yay!” However, there are some other things weighing on her, and who better to help her cope than everyone she encounters?

Mindy’s day starts with a frank conversation with Morgan about Danny: she thinks Danny is trying to get her pregnant. I’m going to gloss over how bizarre and awkward that first scene with Mindy and Danny is, because the thought of anyone praying during sex makes me severely uncomfortable. However, it is worth noting that Mindy expresses her desire to wait on having more children until after they are married.

Partly to celebrate Mindy’s success at the clinic and partly to make up for lost time, Danny takes Mindy on a romantic date, followed by a carriage ride around Central Park. Everything seems well until the next day when Mindy, with Morgan and Tamra’s help, discovers that Danny is tracking her cycle and peak times for ovulation. All that fertility knowledge is really coming in handy! In a plot twist, instead of taking Tamra’s suggestion and sleeping with an LA Laker, Mindy goes back on birth control.

Danny’s intentions are clear when he interrupts Mindy’s consult with the same pregnant patient from earlier, who went into false labor. He brusquely dismisses the patient and Morgan to invite Mindy on another date that night. Mindy, onto his plan, reluctantly agrees and pops the first contraceptive in her pack.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

In another attempt to sweep Mindy off her feet again, Danny brings flowers to the fertility clinic, only to run into Dr. Jody. Jody praises Mindy and their work but is caught way off guard when Danny hints that Mindy might hang up her stethoscope sometime in the near future.

Dr. Jody is nothing if not chivalrous and immediately addresses the conversation with Mindy, seeing as he prescribed her birth control pills just that morning. He encourages Mindy to have the discussion/fight she has been avoiding and point blank tell Danny she does not want more children right now, if ever. While Mindy knows this is probably the right way to handle the issue, when has Mindy ever made things easy for herself?

Back at Shulman & Associates, Morgan gets through to Danny in a rare moment of clarity. Morgan explains how hard Mindy worked while Danny was in California and how happy the new practice makes her, despite any agreement she and Danny may have had prior to Leo’s birth. “People change. Things change,” Morgan says. “If she’s important to you, maybe it’s time to want something else.” Way to go, Morgan!

As Morgan cackles his way out of the office, laughing at the fact that Danny is wearing Mindy’s lab coat… Danny reaches into the pocket only to find Mindy’s new birth control pills. Whoops.

Danny confronts Mindy smack dab in the middle of a showing of When Harry Met Sally, calling her actions a betrayal. This time, Mindy doesn’t back down. “Betrayal?” she counters. “How about you trying to get me pregnant behind my back?”

They storm out of the theater to continue the fight at the apartment. Everything comes out, with accusations flying all over the place. Mindy lets go of all the feelings she has been holding in, and Danny counters them with every reason her feelings are wrong, making not so subtle digs at her character and parenting skills.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Throughout this scene, I grew so proud of Mindy for finally standing her ground, especially when Danny tells her she is selfish for wanting to work. She said, “When you do something, it’s selfless. When I do something, it’s selfish. You have all the definitions.”

Before the pair can talk it out, Mindy gets a page from the hospital that her patient is in labor. Instead of recognizing what a big deal it is, Danny asks if someone else can handle it. In response, Mindy heads to the hospital.

After delivering a healthy baby girl, hanging her picture on the “Wall O’ Fame” in the office, and sharing a toast with Morgan and Dr. Jody, Mindy returns to the apartment. While she talks about the accomplishment, Danny interrupts her to say that he believes they should hold off on any wedding plans.

Mindy laments her situation on the couch as Danny heads to bed alone. However, that telltale sparkle returns to her eye when she receives a text from her patient-turned-new-mother: a bouncing baby wearing a #LahiriBabyMiracle onesie.

So, something happened this week… Danny went from only sort of unlikeable to straight up creepy and awful. At this point, I can’t tell if the producers think Danny’s behavior is funny, or if they are trying to depict the beginnings of an unhealthy, abusive relationship. Once upon a time, Danny wasn’t so bad. But now? Just no.

If the show hopes to continue on a positive note, they have some serious changes to make. This week, Mindy’s newly recovered confidence is a large step in the right direction, but I sincerely hope they don’t plan to keep this couple together. It seems their relationship has run its course. Quite frankly, it’s time to get this show back on track.

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