Strictly Come Dancing: Who Made It Through To The Semi-Final?

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

It’s now just twelve more days until we know our Strictly winner, and right now, it’s anyone’s game. Last night’s dance-off was, as we all had predicted, really tough.

The show opened with a much-talked about number from the pro dancers and the cast of The Lion King. We could have cared, but we hate The Lion King stage show with a burning passion, so we’ll ignore the performance entirely.

Tess wasted no time in announcing the first result though; and when Kellie and Kevin were told they were through to the semi-final, their reaction was epic. Very well-deserved, too. So our first couple in the bottom two was Helen and Aljaz; a surprise in some ways but not in others – her dance really did have some faults and she was second from bottom. Also, the public really don’t seem to have taken to her all that well, and let’s face it, this show is as much about popularity as it is talent.

Lens Lens was brilliant this week; a good look at Jay’s footwork (amazing) but also simply the best footage of Kellie and Kevin singing their hearts out during their performance. Please, someone, get Oliver back on the stage; you have the world’s best Nancy right there!

So back to the dance-off then, and Anita went through, along with Katie, leaving Georgia and Giovanni to dance again. Poor little lamb cried. While we think Georgia is popular, we think that going first on Saturday and having one of the more sedate dances hindered her.

Anyway, both gave great performances again, Helen much improved, but Georgia is the more talented, elegant and, let’s face it, likeable of the two, so she is through to the semi-final next week. We really wouldn’t like to be a judge for the semi-final!