Sorcerer Reveal: Doctor Strange Featurette And Concept Art Released

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios will continue expanding with Phase Three, starting in May with Captain America: Civil War and continuing in November with the introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange, in Doctor Strange.

At this year’s D23 Expo, attendees got the first look at the concept art for Doctor Strange, while the rest of us less lucky humans had to wait for it to be released. Delayed gratification is real, guys: the concept for Doctor Strange has been released, along with a featurette included in the Phase Two Blu-Ray box set.

Although it’s a short video, we get a first glimpse at what Benedict Cumberbatch will look like in full Sorcerer Supreme mode. The video also features Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and director Scott Derrickson, who discuss the challenges in bringing such a psychedelic character to the big screen.

One of the biggest challenges was finding the right actor. Stephen Strange is a complex character, so they didn’t need just any actor: they basically needed the best.

“Benedict has got an incredibly complicated emotional structure going on”, Scott Derrickson says.

The next big challenge is the adaptation of Strange’s world. It’s more than clear by now that what the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants to do is bring superheroes to the real world – let’s say they want to give us an idea of what the world would be like if superheroes existed. They want to keep their stories as grounded as possible, and Doctor Strange is no exception.

How do you adapt such a mystical, psychedelic, rich world like Strange’s in a grounded tone but without losing its essence? There goes the challenge, but they know how to handle it.

“What you can expect from this Doctor Strange movie is a mind-trip action film”, Derrickson shares.

Kevin Feige adds: “How do you put that on a screen within this cinematic universe? That is one of the primary goals of that movie”.

The video ends with the piece of concept art we have been waiting for: Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange costume. It looks a lot like the costume in the comics but without looking cartoonish. Honestly, I am pleased.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Well, guys, what can I say? My Marvel life is in the hands of Kevin Feige and Scott Derrickson. I have all faith in the world in them, and I can’t wait for the first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme (and I am ready in advanced for the first trailer but not really because I will probably pass out).

Everything is double exciting when we remember that director photography Ben Davis said the movie will keep the comics’ psychedelic vibe in terms of aesthetic. I’m so ready.

Doctor Strange, part of Marvel’s Phase Three, will be out on November 4.

Watch the special featurette here.