Orphan Black Drops Eye Opening New Season Four Teaser

Image courtesy of BBC America
Image courtesy of BBC America

Clone clubbers, gather round. The wait for the newest season of Orphan Black is almost over (only 4 months to go but who’s counting).

BBC America has decided to get fans of the show something to think about over the holiday season and the epic hiatus as it has dropped the first teaser trailer for the hit drama.

The promo for the new season is hardly the stuff of dreams as it is super creepy and features an extreme close up an eyeball. Definitely makes one wonder who has their eye on us, no?

According to the official synopsis, season four will find “Sarah returning from the Icelandic hideout she escaped to at the end of season three to track down an ally tied to the clone Beth Childs. Sarah will follow Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent new enemy, heading in a horrifying new direction. Under constant pressure to protect the sisterhood and keep everyone safe, Sarah’s old habits begin to resurface. As the close-knit sisters are pulled in disparate directions, Sarah finds herself estranged from the loving relationships that changed her for the better.”

That synopsis doesn’t sound like the clone club is in a happy place. Here’s hoping that the sisters unite by the end of the season. They definitely went through a lot last season with the Castor clones attacking them, Paul dying, and the possible of Delphine (please let her be alright). If you haven’t seen the show, there’s still plenty of time to get caught up via binge-watching.

Check out the teaser below and see if you can figure out who the eye belongs to!

Orphan Black will premiere on BBC America sometime in April 2016.

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