Lyndsy Fonseca’s Angie Is Set To Dance Her Way Back To Agent Carter’s Season 2

Lyndsy Fonseca's Angie Is Set To Dance Her Way Back To Agent Carter's Season 2

For fans who were heartbroken about not reading anything about Angie Martinelli returning as a character on Agent Carter, the following bit of news should cheer them up a bit.

When Agent Carter first started releasing news about who was returning the sophomore season of the critically acclaimed show, Lyndsy Fonseca’s name was noticeably missing. It’s rather hard to fathom Peggy Carter without her gal pal tagging along for the fun that is to be the second season, especially when it’s set in California.

Not to worry though as it has been announced that Fonseca’s Angie will be in the second season in a most unusual way.  Angie actually will appear in a dream sequence, shared this week. “Episode 8 ends with a cliffhanger where Peggy and Jarvis get in big trouble and are knocked out,” exec producer Michele Fazekas revealed. According to Fazekas, Episode 9 will then pick up with a black-and-white song-and-dance vision in which Angie is saying “the things that Peggy maybe can’t say to herself.” Wonder what those things could be….hmmm.

Peggy and company, as mentioned earlier, are heading to the West Coast for some fun and tons of action. Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Dominic Cooper, Chad Michael Murray, Bridget Regan, and Enver Gjokaj are all returning along with some new blood. Lotte Verbeek and Reggie Austin are also joining the cast as Jarvis’ wife Anna and Jason Wilkes, who may or may not be a new suitor for the lovely Ms. Carter.

Agent Carter Season 2 will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 9/8c with double the fun as it is a two-hour premiere. 

Check out the trailer below for season 2!


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