Kara Learns The Measure Of A Hero When She’s “Human For A Day” On Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans!

We left on quite a cliffhanger last week when Kara found herself without her powers. Alex learned that Jeremiah and Henshaw where partners, and that Henshaw was the last to see her dad before he “died”. Lucy has resigned her commission, way too easily, and is staying in National City with James.

Time to get this recap going.

Humanity Ensues: Holo-Mom returns this week. She tells Kara that her cells are depleted of solar radiation and that until she is full of sufficient energy, she will have the same vulnerabilities as everyone else. It’s happened to Clark before, but only for a couple of days. The thing is, it’s been a couple of days for Kara and nothing has happened. At work, it’s revealed that Kara caught something from a ten-year-old on the bus. Winn is worried about her powers being blown out and promises to do his own investigation. Cat, however, sends Kara home. James runs into Kara on the street on his way to house-hunt with Lucy. He calls her power blow-out the “solar flare” named by Clark, who is a nerd. He tells Kara to just enjoy her vacation, and Kara says that the world can survive without Supergirl for a day. Of course that’s when an earthquake happens. Kara breaks her arm, but we have James down to an undershirt (hello biceps). James tries to convince Kara to go to a hospital, but she refuses.

Measure of a Hero: At the relief effort site with James, Kara tries to talk with Maxwell Lord about what he said earlier. Lord says that this is a time to remind people to rely on themselves, not Supergirl. He correctly guesses that Supergirl blew out her powers and calls her a dead battery. A woman runs up to them. Her father needs help desperately, and Lord pretty much says there is nothing they can do without an X-Ray machine. Kara tries to will her powers to work. Nothing can be done. James tells the devastated Kara the simple truth: not even Superman can save everyone. A real hero is the person who never stops trying.

Right after that, Kara spies a looter and goes to help. James tells her that the bullets won’t bounce off of her. Kara attempts to talk the gunman down despite her shaking hand. Kara says that they are all in this together and asks him to choose to be a better man. The thief hands over the gun just as James snaps a picture, which Kara loves and the save has her feeling good about herself.

James talks about his father who gave him his first camera, and died during the first Gulf War. He says a picture is a truth of the person in that moment and that Kara’s truth is she doesn’t need her powers to be a hero. Winn walks in on them hugging. He says that Kara needs the equivalent of an adrenaline rush to get her powers started. He also tells her that her romantic prospects are not looking good when they return.

A gasline in the building blows and people are now trapped with the stairwell blocked. James goes to climb the elevator shaft to help the trapped people. He gets the doors open and helps people off the floor. An aftershock hits and James nearly falls to his death which gives Kara the needed adrenaline. She goes around and starts helping National City because Lord needs to shut up.

Truly, Truly Outrageous: Henshaw tells Alex that they have an unruly guest coming as she walks Kara out. Kara says that Hank seems normal, nice even, and asks Alex if she is sure to trust him. So she will be sticking to Hank like glue until she learns of what he was lying about. At the base, the unruly guest is Jemm and he is truly outrageous in the destroy all humanity kind of way. The earthquake allows Jemm to make an escape and Alex has to seal the base. Holo Mom tells them that Jemm’s mind powers are way too strong for humans. Henshaw, however, has some R&D neural disruptors to help with that. Alex is left behind because Henshaw trusts her.

The neural disruptors apparently do not help because they gun down the redshirts. Alex prepares to lead a rescue mission to find the survivors, but Henshaw appears just as they are about to leave. Henshaw reveals that he scanned and incorporated the knowledge of the Head of Security, which is not good. Alex recruits Random Guy to go out there without the neural protectors. The neural protectors malfunctioning is a load of shit, all of them are functioning. Jemm, however, has control of Random Guy who is trying to fight him off.

In the DEO, Alex continues her hunt for both Jemm and Henshaw. Henshaw grabs and drags her off to a closet. Random Guy calls Alex who is under Jemm’s control who promises to free the prisoners and break through to the surface. Now, naturally, is a good time to confront Henshaw about her father. Alex talks to Jemm saying that this ends now, leaving Henshaw chained. Jemm asks Alex to show herself and Alex empties a gun into him with a lot of big booms. Henshaw appears and kicks Jemm’s ass, who tells Alex he is not the enemy. Alex calls Kara to let her know that she’s okay.

The Truth Of The Matter: Henshaw confesses that Hank Henshaw is dead. He died the same night Alex’s father did. The real Henshaw died in pursuit of an alien that was stranded on the planet, not from Fort Rozz. Jeremiah Danvers realized the alien was a refugee and tried to stop the mission. Henshaw, however, was obsessed. Jeremiah made the ultimate sacrifice to save the alien. Not Henshaw is the alien that Jeremiah died to protect. He promised Jeremiah before he died that he was going to protect Alex. OH MY GOD MARTIAN MANHUNTER!!!! YAAAASS!!

A Winn For Cat: The Grant building is standing, and Cat is trying to get back on the air. Winn gets the network back up. Maxwell Lord is blasting Supergirl for not being there to save the city. Cat refuses to let Max ruin all her hardwork. Cat gets Winn to set-up a livefeed so she can counter Lord’s negative press. Cat makes a rousing speech to the people, possibly one of the more honest times for the character, about the measure of a hero being in all of us and having faith in Supergirl. Supergirl pays Cat Grant a visit, and calls Cat a hero.

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