Jane Lynch Talks About Being A Stellar Mascot For Christopher Guest’s Netflix Film

Credit: Associated Press
Credit: Associated Press

You know that saying “when one door closes, another opens?” Well, for Jane Lynch, it seems that when one door closes, two or three doors open. With the cancellation/finale of Glee in early 2015, Lynch has kept plenty busy!

We should probably just formally declare January 2016 as “Jane Lynch Month,” because she will be everywhere once our New Year’s Ever hangovers subside.

Case in point: season four of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night (you know, the show for which she won a Primetime Emmy) premieres Tuesday, January 5th.

The very next evening on January 6th, Lynch is tapped to host the People’s Choice Awards.

Then, Thursday, January 7th, her new comedy from CBS premieres, called Angel From Hell. What a week!

Perhaps the best news surrounding Jane Lynch at the moment – at least in my humble opinion – is the announcement that she is involved in a new project from director Christopher Guest, who directed her and so many others in the mockumentaries Best in Show and For Your Consideration. The project, another mockumentary, is called Mascots and is due out on Netflix sometime next year.

In an interview with EW, Lynch gave some details on what we can expect from Mascots and, more specifically, her character, Gabby Monkhouse. The setting is the world of competitive mascot competitions and Gabby is a mascot-turned-competition-judge. After a hilarious groin injury from holding the splits too long sets Gabby to the sidelines, she finds herself on the panel for the competition that’s “like their Olympics, so it’s a real big deal.”

Gabby tries her hardest to keep herself in the spotlight, at the competitions and away from them. “She has written a book…and it’s called A-Moose-ing Grace: An Ex-Mascot’s Guide to God and Success in Real Estate.” Sounds…interesting. Lynch joked, “And yes, I made [the title] up myself. One of my crowning creative achievements.”

We are eagerly anticipating this new mockumentary, and it sounds like a hoot. We can also expect to see plenty of familiar faces playing other mascots, including some of Guests’s standbys, like Parker Posey and Jennifer Coolidge. Lynch added that getting back together with the old gang was “a dream.”

It does sound like a dream, Jane!

Mascots will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016. 4YE will be sure to update you once a release date is announced.

Abby Bertrand